Marketplace Support Solution

Build. Manage. Grow.

A successful marketplace depends on the delicate balance of buyers and sellers. Your Support team is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. The large number of customer applications and data involved can make this hard to do. As your marketplace grows, these problems multiply and can cause difficult growth challenges.

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Why Choose Kustomer?

Companies are using Kustomer to build better marketplaces at a fast pace.

Higher level of customer service

  • Grow your business with faster problem resolution
  • Understand the context by integrating data from all touch points
  • Real time interaction with customer order history and tracking information

Unified buyer and seller experience

  • Streamline buyer and seller communication by using one platform
  • Complete views of all marketplace users
  • Better teamwork across departments using smart collaboration tools

More productive support team

  • Identify top sellers (and those that need a helping hand)
  • Proactive problem solving and resolution
  • Smarter insights with customizable reporting

Go Beyond the Sale with Kustomer

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What Our Customers are Saying


“Our team members solve customer issues faster, with fewer back-and-forth questions needed.”

Zach Goldstein
Product Manager



“Kustomer helps us truly know our customers, and not just respond to them.”

Ben MacAskill
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