Support consumers & providers in one platform.

Join dozens of Marketplace and Consumer Service brands that use Kustomer to support and delight consumers and providers.

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See what you can do with Kustomer:

  • Easily connect all conversations and orders into a single, actionable, view of your consumers and providers. Stop hunting for information. Each consumer and provider has a unique timeline with their history of conversations, transactions, and events like orders or disputes.
  • Consumers and providers are connected across tickets. Stop reverting back to your admin platform and external apps. Consumers, providers, and their relationships are at the core of your business and now, at the the center of your customer service platform. Everything your agents need is already there.
  • Seamless omnichannel experience in a single conversation. Stop merging tickets. The struggle of constantly handling and merging tickets for different channels is over. Seamlessly switch engagement channels in real time within the same conversation. You can also run parallel conversations with consumers and providers.

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