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per user per month

  • Omnichannel Support Platform
  • Email, Chat, Social, Self-service
  • Voice and text Integrations
  • Proactive Service
  • Actionable Integrations
  • Branched Workflow Engine
  • Custom Reporting
  • Multilingual Support
  • AI-Based Sentiment

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per user per month

  • Enterprise Routing
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Live Agent Auditing
  • Unlimited Collaboration Users
  • Sandbox Access
  • Extended API Rate Limit
  • SMS/MMS Toll-Free Numbers
  • SAML Single Sign-On

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All pricing plans are for a one-year contract or more.


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Our scalable, powerful platform connects and integrates all of your customer data.
Conversations Create omnichannel customer conversations in the customer's channel of choice.
Custom Objects Custom objects improve context by relating your data to customer conversations.
API Rate Limit Number of API transactions per minute in your Kustomer site.
1,000 RPM
2,000 RPM
3rd Party Integrations Install apps from our directory or integrate a wide range of apps.
Proprietary Integrations Integrate custom applications by building your own integrations on the Kustomer Platform.
Tracking Events Store, surface and query tracking events from your website.
Advanced Object Properties Store data the way you want to store it in JSON.
Automatic Language Detection Global language support for easy language detection, responses, and more.
Workflow & Automation
Increase team efficiency by automating common multi-step tasks.
Workflow Templates Select common workflow templates to get started immediately.
Custom Workflows Number of active workflows.
Time-Based and Scheduled Workflows Take action using a time-delayed trigger or call other workflows.
Multi-Step Workflows Use multiple steps to transform or update customers, conversations, or external systems.
Conditional Branching Use branching workflow logic to model multiple scenarios in a single workflow.
Callable Workflows Create workflows to reference from other workflows and form reusable logic blocks.
External REST API Calls Communicate with REST-compliant APIs, extending Kustomer to almost any system.
Workflow Builder Easily create visual workflow diagrams connecting to Kustomer events or other systems.
Workflow Debugger Review workflow events and data to debug and confirm workflow operation.
Inbound Webhook Trigger Take action when an external system calls a custom webhook to trigger a workflow.
Form and Email Hooks Use inbound form requests or emails to trigger a workflow.
Agent Productivity
Enable your support team to be efficient, accurate, and fast.
Inline Macro Shortcuts Use custom saved responses including text, customer data, or links.
Split and Merge Conversations Move and merge conversations.
Real-Time Collaboration View and edit customer records with team members; collaborate in private notes.
Snooze Conversations Snooze conversations until the customer responds or schedule a reminder to follow-up.
Custom Searches Identify customer segments based on properties, channels, or object values.
Team Features Group agents by department or capability to serve customers more effectively.
Bulk Actions Assign multiple conversations at once or message a group of customers.
Cross Object Search Segment or escalate customers using customer, conversation, or object attributes.
Sentiment Tracking Analyze customer conversations to automatically identify happy or sad customers.
Custom Context Cards Highlight relevant data from external systems and take action without leaving Kustomer.
Collaboration Users Add free internal users to view customer information and add notes to conversations.
1 per paid seat
Omnichannel Routing Route cross-channel conversations to agents, according to their work capacity, assigned queue, and status.
Enterprise Routing Assign multiple queues per team for maximal routing flexibility.
Required Fields Ensuring conversation fields are completed before marking the conversation done.
Custom Sub Statuses Add custom reasons as team members mark conversations open, snoozed, and done.
Business Hours Indicate the hours your business is open and exclude non-business hours from reporting.
SLA Management Create and enforce custom service level agreements on conversations.
Communication Channels
Receive and respond to customers on their channel of choice.
Omnichannel In Same Conversation Use multiple channels in the same conversation.
Email Use your own email address or start instantly with a Kustomer provided address.
Chat Embed Chat in your site or app and give your customers an instant contact method.
Chat Styling Customize the chat icon, logo, and custom CSS of your Kustomer chat.
Chat - iOS SDK iOS SDK chat enables your team to offer chat and Knowledgebase within your mobile app.
Chat - Android SDK Android SDK chat enables your team to offer chat and Knowledgebase within your mobile app.
Chat - Conversational Assistant Automate common questions. Answer questions asynchronously and automatically route questions to the proper team.
Chat - Operational Hours Specify the operating hours your business is available for advanced chat availability, reporting, and segmentation.
Chat - Deflection Set proper expectations for your customers with estimated reply times and channel deflection.
Chat - Proactive Chat Push chat messages to customers based on their website activity.
Chat - Multilingual Localization support for in-app and Web Chat.
3 languages
Unlimited languages
Facebook Messenger Connect your Facebook pages to support your customers who use Messenger.
Twitter DM and Public Mentions Connect your Twitter handles to support your customers through Twitter DM and public mentions.
Text - Use Your Own Number Use existing text numbers or port your number into a 3rd party provider.
Text - MMS Send and receive images in text messages in Kustomer.
Text - Choose a Kustomer-Provided Number Select a new text number that fits your business location needs.
Text - Toll Free Number for SMS/MMS Select a toll-free text number that fits your business needs.
Voice - Basic Integration Make calls, handle voicemail, and take notes using one of our 3rd party phone partners.
Voice - Native Integration* Native dialer in the agent workspace and integration with Kustomer router and database.
Voice - Advanced Integration Basic voice features plus authentication and customer prompts to take pictures or video.
Reporting and Analytics
Understand customer behavior and team performance.
Standard Reports Analyze team and user performance for response, resolution, and handle time.
Search and View Customer Data Rich filtering and view of different customer, conversation, and object attributes.
Conversation Analysis Identify and track trends and common issues about your customer conversations.
Object & Event Analysis Enable deeper insights into your customer activity or format data for export using our API.
Data Retention For Reporting Historical data accessible by plan (additional data available as you change plans).
25 months
37 months
Custom Reporting Build advanced reports leveraging the unique metrics that drive your business.
Segmentation by Sentiment Ability to segment by sentiment changes of a specific product, geo, data range to drive actions for a group of customers.
Real Time Event Stream Send a data stream of real time events to your data warehouse for advanced analysis.
Data Warehouse Integration Use Kustomer data with a cloud-based data warehouse.
Team Pulse - Real Time User Supervision Monitor your team in real-time, includes online status, activity, and Autopilot usage.
Helpful customer service from our deeply experienced team.
Email Support Email support during business hours.
Chat Support Chat support during business hours.
99.9% Uptime SLA Our platform is scalable and reliable - we stand behind our performance.
Help Center Documentation
Product and Best Practices Webinars
Custom Configuration Support advanced custom configurations faster than any other provider.
1 Hour Service Level Objective Gain enhanced levels of response time.
Ensure that your team never misses a conversation or forgets a customer.
Browser-Based Notifications Browser-based notifications alert you when a customer asks a question.
Email Notifications If you're not available, receive notifications through email.
Slack Notifications Notify a slack channel or a dedicated room with custom information from Kustomer.
Knowledge Base
Create SEO-optimized articles branded like your web site to serve customers.
Standard Deliver articles using your custom subdomain with styling to match your website.
Multilingual Create knowledgebase articles in multiple languages with tracking for out of date versions.
3 languages
Unlimited languages
Protect your important customer data with enterprise grade security.
SSL Encryption Industry-standard encryption.
Google Authentication Allow your team to login with one click using your Google domain.
Digitally Signed Emails Prevent email fraud with digitally signed and secured email for custom domains.
Message Redaction Admins can permanently redact sensitive customer information.
SAML Single Sign-On Manage signing in to Kustomer via your SAML 2.0 provider.

Some configurations may require a statement of work and an implementation fee.

* Additional monthly fee applies. Contact Sales for details.


How do I get started?

Our Sales team will help you pick a plan that is right for you. They can be reached at (212) 497-1188 or

Does Kustomer integrate with other applications?

Yes. We integrate with a wide range of partners including Shopify, Talkdesk, Piesync, Aircall, Segment, Mixpanel, Slack, Twilio, and more.

Is my business data private and safe?

Yes. Customer security and privacy is a core value at Kustomer, and our team has extensive experience building secure applications.

How many seats do I need to buy?

The prices above refer to companies with a minimum of 10 seats. If you have more than 5 seats, please contact us at

More questions about how Kustomer works?

Chat with us in the bottom right or call us at (212) 497-1188.

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