Modern Customer Experience Requires A Platform

Customer experience teams need one platform for all their customer data, enabling them to provide proactive customer service and support.

Kustomer was built using the latest technology and architecture, allowing you to effectively create actionable integrations across your business applications.

The platform includes:

  • Flexible Data Model: Kustomer’s data model was built to store almost any data object design. It includes Custom Objects (KObjects) that can capture any data structure, making it easy to store information specific to your business.
  • Robust Workflows: Our extensible, multi-step and branched workflows enable conditional logic that listen and update any system in real-time, enabling advanced business process automation.
  • Simple Integrations: Our flexible platform and API makes it easy to integrate external applications or home grown systems using Webhooks, callback integrations, or a chronological push.
  • Actionable Views: Customizable views display detailed information important to your business and enable actions and automation on integrated systems.


Support Center

Everything you need to know to master Kustomer’s software.

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Information on our API documentation, webhooks, workflows, and more.

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Learn about our certified partners and platform integrations.

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Chat SDKs

Support for Android and iOS.

Designed to enable customers to chat with your team from within your mobile app. It supports both logged in and anonymous chats. Fully customizable, it’s easy to match our Mobile Chat to your application’s brand.

Kustomer is GDPR-compliant. Learn more here.

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