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Friendly and Intuitive

Give your agents an intuitive and user-friendly workspace, designed for delighting customers and creating long-lasting Customer Friendships.

Intelligent and Adaptable

Predict, improve and augment the customer and agent experience using workflows and automation.

Open and Flexible

Enable the multiple dimensions of customer interactions and extend your capabilities with native and partner integrations and apps.

Across the street or around the globe

Powerful enough to handle the most complex business, yet flexible enough to scale with you as you grow.

Reliable and Secure

Maximum security for your data. Minimize service disruption and lost revenue.

We knew that having a customer-centric, omnichannel platform would be crucial for our customers, who often require immediate and in-depth responses to their questions. Our team has all the necessary information at their fingertips to provide a well thought-out and quick solution, which has led to big improvements in both our handle and response times.

Molly Garraway
Sr. Manager of Customer Experience, The Farmer’s Dog

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Ticket-based solutions

Outdated technologies have been weighing companies down by limiting their view of customers and making it difficult to connect customer data spread across internal and external systems.

Using current available CRM solutions, companies are handcuffed to their vendors ‘best practice’ processes, preventing them from meeting their customers and agents expectations.

Open and Flexible

Move beyond a ‘ticket’ or a ‘customer’.
Your company is unique.

Kustomer enables you to use out-of-box objects like ‘customers’ and ‘companies’, and customizable attributes like orders, feedback scores, returns, shipping tracking, web event tracking on your shopping cart, or if a customer is a Gold or Platinum frequent flyer.

Search, display on the workplace and report on these objects to give your team the most relevant context for the conversation.

  • Custom Objects
  • Insights Panel
  • Segmentation
  • Object Reporting

Custom Objects

Build a CRM around your business

Customizable attributes like orders, feedback scores, returns, shipping tracking, web event tracking on your shopping cart, or if a customer is a Gold or Platinum frequent flyer. Search, display on the workplace and report on these objects to give your team the most relevant context for the conversation.

Group 6Created with Sketch.Order InformationOrder #38391297563401ItemsWhite T ShirtPayment typeVISATotal price$58.98View Order

Insights Panel

Enable a modern digital workplace

Use the Cards Platform to create better content-driven customer experiences, improve interactions between customers and agents and reduce friction between third party tools. Provide useful context with Cards that display past orders or shipping details. Populate a card with shopping card information or event data from your own application. Take it a step further by adding actions to cards so Agents can issue refunds or print shipping labels.

Group 28Created with Sketch.😍CX PhoneAssigned Team Help, I ordered the wrong size!Priority 3Conversation started 5M agoSarah SmithOpenStatusDec 12, 2018 10:32 AMCreated239876524102830Shopify Order #Assigned User Conversation Sentiment MESSAGES 4 SENTIMENT +54% Returns and RefundsRefund orderCreate return label


Be proactive with actionable data

With the Kustomer Platform you can segment your Customers, Conversations, and Custom Objects easily. Take contextual data from a Customer and view everyone who’s order hasn’t shipped yet. Be Proactive and segment customers who have purchased in the last 6 months and send them a personalized email message.

Group 4Created with Sketch.SendMessageHi [First Name],We’ve noticed your order [last order number] may be delayed due to storms in your area. But don’t worry - your package should be arriving soon!Best,BULK MESSAGINGEMAILSMSNOTE

Object Reporting

Connect all dimensions of your business

Reimagine your business reporting for the digital age. With Kustomer, your business can run seamlessly report across customers, agents, and third party data to better compete in today’s digital-first world. Eliminate cumbersome exports and excel spreadsheets. Create reports that compare Customer Satisfaction to money spent on products or which products create the most inbound support requests. Use any data inside Kustomer to answer important business questions.

  • Business Rules
  • Workflows
  • APIs

Business Rules

Today's digital business processes, simplified

Across industries, people-first companies understand that releasing agents from the day to day manual routine and repetitive processes of less advanced tools can lead to significant benefits like reducing their frustration, and improving process efficiencies. Create rules to automate tags based on conversation context, or change priorities or assignment new information is made available.

Group 3 Created with Sketch. MATCH ALL OF THE FOLLOWING MATCH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING If conversation created/updated matches: Message Direction Type Equals initial-in Company High Risk Is True Perform the following action(s): Conversation Tags Add High Risk Add Tag Add + Add +


Efficiency that flows across your business processes

The Kustomer Platform enables you to use customizable Workflows as the automation management platform for your entire business, helping information flow seamlessly across every part of your workspace. Make it easier by automating refunds from our workspace into your billing system, or subscribing a customer to a new offering. Take it a step further by using data outside our platform to automate messaging around deliveries and offers.


Built for developers

We believe that the customer support experience begins with people, but the basic foundation is built on scalable code. Kustomer provides you with easy-to-use APIs, Webhooks, SDKs, UI libraries, guides and sample code that make it simple to learn and build with the Platform. Today, you could create new entries on your Customer timelines based on any type of interaction, like a purchases, returns, in app events, and contracts.

Reimagine customer service software

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Industry-leading reliability, security and compliance

We believe Trust from our customers is paramount. Our customers expect the application to be continuously available and properly performing while protecting their data and keeping it private.
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Compliance, Security and Certifications

Customize and integrate with ease

Built on AWS at its core, and with extensive integration options and extensions, Kustomer enables contact centers to address unique business needs, scale securely, develop and deploy quickly with REST APIs, and serve customers globally.
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Deliver effortless, personalized customer service.

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