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The online shopping and support experience should feel as personal as visiting a store.

Ecommerce is broken. Companies have been selling products and services online for two decades but so far they have focused on purchases instead of relationships with little integration between online and stores.

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Why Choose Kustomer?

Commerce doesn’t stop at the sale – it continues every time a customer contacts your company

Deeper relationships

  • Build greater shopper loyalty with more personalized and efficient customer service
  • Use insightful reports to focus and prioritize high value customers and increase your profit
  • Change the economics of customer acquisition and retention

Integration of online and in-store

  • Deliver a consistent level of service everywhere by providing your team with complete customer information
  • See all of a customer’s purchases from online and in-store channels
  • Build rich customer profiles to provide more personalized service to your shoppers

More productive support team

  • Unify all of your customer applications and data in one interface so that your team can be more effective
  • Automate processes like returns so that your team can spend more time interacting with shoppers
  • Make it easier for your team to collaborate and learn from each other

Go Beyond the Sale with Kustomer

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What Our Customers are Saying

Outdoor Voices

“We’re finally able to provide the unique support we wanted.”

Charlie Taft
Director of Customer Experience



“Kustomer has increased our customer engagement and decreased our workload.”

Anthony Thomas


Go Beyond the Sale with Kustomer

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