Facebook Messenger

Respond to conversations from customers across multiple Facebook pages from a single interface using Kustomer’s turnkey integration with Facebook Messenger.

How it works

Once you connect one or more of your Facebook pages to Kustomer, your agents will be able view and respond to Facebook Messenger conversations from the Kustomer Platform.

When a new customer sends a private message to your Facebook Page, Kustomer will create a new Conversation on a new Customer Timeline. If the message is from an existing customer, Kustomer will create a new Conversation on an existing Customer Timeline.

Facebook Messenger Integration Inline

Your agents will be notified when a message is received, and their response will be sent through Facebook Messenger.

Deliver hyper-personalized support at scale

Kustomer’s Facebook Messenger integration gives agents the power and agility to deliver personalized experience to every customer.

When a customer reaches out to your support team, Kustomer displays all the relevant customer information, such as purchase and interaction history, loyalty tier, and other custom data within a single interface, alleviating their need to switch between multiple systems, and enabling them to deliver fast, personalized support at scale.

See Integrate Facebook Messenger to learn more.

Scale efficiently and cost-effectively

Eliminate manual triage by automating routine service processes such as adding or removing tags, assigning conversations to specific agents, updating customer attributes and more using Business Rules.

Boost agent productivity and reduce cost per contact by using chatbots to complete routine tasks, or fully automate service workflows. You can integrate chatbots powered by Kustomer IQ Plus or any third party bot provider.

Discover trends, evaluate performance and optimize service

Understand how Facebook is performing as a channel of support with Facebook Channel reports. Monitor the health of your service operations, manage SLAs and proactively spot inefficiencies by tracking KPIs at a team and agent level using Team Pulse.


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