Assembled is a modern workforce management platform built for rapidly scaling global support teams. We help teams forecast support demand, build and manage team schedules, track real-time performance and schedule adherence, and uncover insights to improve support operations.

Most importantly, we provide schedule transparency not only to support managers/workforce managers, but also to the team handling calls/emails/chats. We allow your whole team to view schedules and overall performance metrics so that everyone can share ownership in success.

Assembled + Kustomer

Accurate forecasts

The Assembled + Kustomer integration will provide accurate contact volume forecasts.


Simplified scheduling

With Assembled + Kustomer you’ll have the ability to optimize schedules with our easy to use scheduling interface.



With Assembled + Kustomer we’ll meet teammates in the tools they are already using (like Google calendar and Slack) so that they can focus on your customers first!


On-boarding and Integration

Assembled offers a 1-click integration with Kustomer. Once you’ve allowed Assembled to connect with Kustomer, we’ll populate your volume metrics and design a customer forecast for your business. Implementation and on-boarding typically take between 2-5 days. During this time we will create a custom Slack channel where you’ll have access to our entire team (including founders and engineers) to ask questions.


Deliver effortless, personalized customer service.

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