Automate 40% of Your Conversations Without Compromising Quality

Embrace AI and deflect support volume across your digital channels with automation and knowledge management that helps customers help themselves.

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Scale Your Customer Service Operations
with Best-In-Class Chatbots

Kustomer IQ empowers organizations to automate low-level, 24/7 service without hiring an army. Our chatbots enable end-to-end resolution across chat, social and messaging applications by handling repetitive questions and helping customers get the updates they need without involving an agent.

  • Multilingual
  • Seamless Handoff
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Easy to Build
  • Multilingual

    Deliver Global Support Instantly

    Built with natural language processing, our chatbots recognize the end-customer’s native language, and automatically correspond with translated responses.

    Seamless Handoff

    Ensure Agents are Fully Prepped for Fast Resolution

    When things escalate, conversations will route directly to the agent most qualified with context gathered by your chatbot, and without disruption to the customer experience.

    Behavior Analytics

    Optimize Your Self-Service Operations with Real-Time Analytics

    Know exactly how well your chatbots are performing with conversation insights and success metrics that quantify time saved for customers and agents.

    Easy to Build

    Get Started Quickly with Code-Free Conversation Design

    Our visual flow builder makes chatbot deployment a cinch, and templates cover the most common use cases. Our software engineers are also here and ready to tackle any custom needs.

    Reduce Escalation With Omnichannel Deflection

    AI-enabled deflection acts as your first line of defense, optimizing a customer’s ability to self-serve so agents can focus on the most important cases and deliver the highest impact.

    Kustomer IQ integrates with your Knowledge Base and other relevant systems to ensure customers find exact answers to common questions when they reach out via form, email or chat.

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    Guide Successful Self-Service With Dynamic Knowledge Management

  • Multi-Brand Customization
  • Content Management
  • Categorization
  • SEO Friendly
  • Multi-Brand Customization

    Deliver Seamless Customer Experiences that Match Your Brand

    Design your Knowledge Base with a custom theme to match your brand’s unique visual identity, so customers recognize your resources. Manage multiple brands within a single Kustomer instance, with articles and categories tailored to each of your entities.

    Content Management

    Create And Manage Your Knowledge Base with Ease

    Create compelling articles and tutorials with rich media support including video, images, and PDFs. Manage custom knowledge base domains, schedule articles, and publish multilingual content.


    Keep Your Library Well-Organized

    Articles can be distributed across all your individual brands, consolidating your library, especially when your brands share corporate policies like billing, returns, or cancellations. Make content more discoverable with the ability to assign multiple categories to your articles.

    SEO Friendly

    Ensure Your Content is Highly Discoverable

    Over 90% of all web traffic starts with a search engine, and Kustomer makes it easy to program SEO titles and keywords, as well as tag articles to ensure customers can find answers without having to contact your customer service team.

    Learn How Kustomer Delivers Modern, Data-Driven Support Experiences

    Transform How Customers and Agents Interact

    Kustomer isn’t a ticketing system. It’s an omnichannel service solution for managing high support volume effortlessly.

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    Optimize Customer and Agent Experiences With a New CRM

    The next generation of customer service CRM does more than just manage conversations.

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