Customer Service

Transform How Customers
and Agents Interact

Deliver efficient, informative experiences with the tools and intelligence needed to satisfy today’s customers, and make customer service profitable.

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Support Customers Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Channel Without Disruption

Kustomer’s true omnichannel capabilities provide the multi-device support customers use in their everyday lives.It’s modern support for contemporary teams, who converse the only way they know how—instantly.

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A Workspace Designed With Modern
Customer Service Teams in Mind

No more managing multiple tabs to track down information, we mean it. Kustomer provides a customizable, single-screen view of the entire customer journey, so your team will never need to leave the platform.

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  • Timeline View
  • Custom Objects
  • Actionable Context
  • AI-Powered Insights
  • Timeline View

    Manage Data-Driven Conversations, Not Tickets

    Interactions, events and activities are displayed in a chronological timeline view for every customer, including conversations, orders, shipping, transactions, appointments, website visits, and more.

    Custom Objects

    Integrate Apps and Customize Your Ideal Solution

    Our open API easily connects to all your internal and third-party systems, integrating seamlessly to centralize information. Custom objects store and manage your customer data, where it becomes viewable, searchable, reportable, and actionable within Kustomer.

    Actionable Context

    Take Immediate Action Directly in the Platform

    Empower your team with customizable Insights Cards packed with the context and capabilities your agents need to do their jobs quickly. Enable actions like processing returns, issuing credits, or reshipping items, while ensuring all your systems remain up to date.

    AI-Powered Insights

    Embrace AI to Better Understand Customers

    Kustomer IQ uses machine learning to accurately predict additional customer context. Natural language detection identifies and matches customers with agents based on native language, and sentiment analysis reveals exactly how customers feel so your team can calm frustrations.

    Reduce Handle Times With Intelligent Omnichannel Routing

    It’s easy to improve first contact resolution when teams are prepared. Our queuing and routing engine, powered by Kustomer IQ, accurately matches customers with agents based on needs and capacity, drastically reducing wait times across all channels.

    AI-Powered Productivity Tools to
    Help Resolve Conversations Quickly

  • Content Management
  • Next Best Action
  • Collaboration
  • Segmentation
  • Content Management

    Power Your Team With Knowledge

    Store, manage and permission product and policy materials with internal knowledge management, so agents can easily surface information and leverage dynamic responses for instant gratification.

    Next Best Action

    Let AI Assist Agents and Accelerate Resolution Speed

    Using machine learning, Kustomer IQ provides agents-in-training and teams managing dense knowledge with suggested content and the ability to predict responses. By analyzing incoming messages, Kustomer IQ recommends next best actions based on what customers are saying.


    Collaborate Efficiently With Cross-Functional Teams

    Kustomer is your system of record for customer service, so any department or job function can leverage the platform. Define access based on the needs of any role, and take advantage of features like Notes, Following, and @Mentions to resolve issues faster via collaborative service.


    Identify Customers for Targeted Outreach

    With all your data in our CRM platform, powerful segmentation capabilities enable you to create custom queues of conversations based on unique customer attributes, like orders, location, policy information, satisfaction score, and more.

    Gauge the Effectiveness of Your Operation

    Our standard reporting stack details how individuals and teams are performing, and native CSAT measurement tracks your effectiveness across channels. Summarize and export specific data sets with custom report building capabilities.

    Turn Customers Into Advocates With Proactive Support

    Bulk messaging capabilities transform your team into a profit center. By targeting specific customer segments based on your unique data, like orders, location, or CSAT, you can improve retention by mitigating issues, sending brand-building offers, or reengaging dissatisfied customers.

    Operationalize Your Team and Eliminate Manual Work With AI and Automation

    Automate More Conversations With Superior Self-Service

    Embrace AI and deflect support volume by helping customers help themselves.

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    Optimize Customer and Agent Experiences With a New CRM

    The next generation of customer service CRM does more than just manage conversations.

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    Deliver effortless, personalized customer service.

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