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Customer Timeline

Your customers are people not tickets. The customer timeline is at the center of the Kustomer platform, and provides a complete, fully actionable view of the customers’ experience.


See all of your conversations with a customer across different channels including email, texts, and more. This gives you the full context of your customer’s history, which enables you to engage with them in a more personalized way.


Built for the way agents and customers have conversations. Kustomer lets you have a continuous conversation across your channels, on a single screen. Channels include email, chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, voice, and mobile apps.

Custom Objects

Every business is different. Custom Objects let you tailor Kustomer to the unique way you work with your customers. Custom objects could be your customers orders or account information.


Create groupings of customers to manage using precise search criteria including transactions, events or conversations. This enables you to respond to customers more efficiently.


Smarter Conversations

Kustomer provides you with a variety of features and information that lets you have more personalized and effective conversations with every customer you engage with.


Kustomer’s messages are like real communications from real people. No ticket number or mention of “do not reply.”


Seeing your customers’ sentiment lets you understand the best way to communicate with them and how best to prioritize them. You can generate reports based on sentiment changes that help you understand your team’s effectiveness.


Set up more intelligent reminders for follow-ups that are triggered by events like receiving packages or a next purchase. This allows you to be more proactive when supporting customers.


Features like Notes, Following, and @mentions lets different team members throughout the company come together to help a customer.


Use Chat to convert anonymous visitors into customers and ultimately into seriously engaged users. Chat is fully customizable for your brand and business.


Create powerful multistep automated workflows using the Kustomer Workflow Builder; no developer required. This enables you to take action based on either Kustomer or external data and provide a higher quality, more efficient customer experience.


Reporting & Analytics


Generate reports about your conversations, team performance, and customer base. Customize by choosing different chart types, date ranges, and data sources.

Dive even deeper into your customers’ needs by adding data from external services through Custom Objects and Tracking Events.

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