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Kustomer is the customer-centric, not ticket-centric, platform that lets you know everything about your customers, connect with them everywhere, and automate all of your business processes.

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Know Everything About Your Customers

Kustomer connects your agents to all of your customers’ data from internal and third-party systems, providing a holistic timeline view for more productive and efficient conversations.

• Access past conversations, order history, and other info for personalized, data-driven customer conversations.

• Take action and resolve inquiries without ever switching screens or applications.

• Provide a customizable, intuitive workspace for agents that accelerates conversation resolution without the need to ask customers tedious questions.

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Have Cross-Channel Conversations

Kustomer’s true omnichannel platform breaks down the communication silos of traditional multichannel solutions that fragment service experiences, cause agent collision, and frustrate customers.

• Communicate through the customer timeline, where agents always have the context to maintain a single threaded conversation.

• Pick up conversations where they left off without having to repeat any questions, even when customers or agents need to switch channels.

• Make your agents available to service customers via their preferred channels, whether that’s email, chat, SMS, voice, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter.

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Automate Business Processes

The Kustomer workflow and business logic engines save you time and money by eliminating tedious manual tasks, automating platform actions, and ensuring agents have the info they need.

• Build conditional, multi-branch workflows that, unlike many “if this, then that” systems, automate even the most complex processes by enabling each step to use the output of any previous step.

• Trigger workflows based on defined events in the Kustomer platform or an integrated third-party system to improve agent efficiency by automating manual, repetitive processes.

• Easily set-up workflows and business logic without wasting valuable development resources.

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Route Customers to the Right Agent at the Right Time

Intelligent queueing and routing provides a rules-based, omnichannel solution that goes beyond simple first-in, first-out or channel based routing for customer service organizations with multiple teams of agents handling large inbound volumes.

• Increase first call resolution by segmenting customers based on their attributes, the purpose of the conversation, and the skills of agents.

• Decrease wait and handle times while maximizing team utilization by routing customers to agents with the most available capacity.

• Establish priority queues to ensure that the most critical customers, such as those that are VIPs or have low sentiment scores, are handled immediately.

Proactively Engage Customers

With all of your data in the Kustomer platform, your customer service team can streamline communication to deflect issues and delight customers.

• Reduce inbound inquiries and increase retention rates by identifying and messaging customers impacted by an issue before they’re even aware of it.

• Grow lifetime value by segmenting customers and sending offers based on their purchase history and other deep insights.

• Ensure agents are always aware of the latest customer communications by conducting proactive outreach directly in Kustomer without the need for marketing tools.

“If you are a brand where responsive, personal, differentiated customer service is a priority, you have to use Kustomer. There is nothing close to it on the market. It was like they read our minds.”

Leslie Voorhees Means
Co-Founder & CEO, Anomalie

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Key Features

Kustomer offers a comprehensive customer service feature set built for service leaders in today’s on-demand economy.

Searches & Views

Enable agents to search, view, and segment customers based on any internal or external data, so they can better manage their time and queue.

Context Cards

Help your agents find and take action on relevant customer information without having to switch screens or programs by bringing together data from other systems.


Speed up your team of agents by providing pre-defined blocks of text that can be used when responding to customers during a conversation.


Invite another agent or someone else in the company to join a conversation. With features like Notes, Following, and @Mentions your team can work together to ensure customers get the service they expect.

Voice & Personalized IVR

Tailor IVR trees using all of your customer data to deliver a truly personalized experience even before connecting with an agent.

Kustomer Chat

Customize chat for your brand and tailor the Chat Conversational Assistant to speed up response and resolution times by collecting basic customer information for your agents and then auto-routing conversations.

Knowledge Base

Make customer self-service easy by delivering compelling articles and tutorials with rich media support including video, images, PDFs and more.


Track your customers’ sentiment to help agents decide how to best prioritize and engage in conversations and provide management a critical metric for overall customer service effectiveness.

Team Pulse

See what agents are working on in real time, and quickly jump to the customers and searches that agents are viewing. Combine with Queues & Routing to access a live dashboard that helps to manage your effectiveness by including agent status, available capacity, and queue assignment.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate reports about your conversations, team performance, and customer base. Dive even deeper into your customers’ needs by adding data from your external systems.

Native Satisfaction

Survey, track, and report customer satisfaction or customer effort across all of your channels using Kustomer’s native surveys and reports.

Enhanced CRM Controls

Fully manage Kustomer via dynamic object accessibility, user permissioning, and conversation filtering, unlocking platform customization to fit your organization’s needs and secure your data. Learn more.

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