Goodbye tickets,
Hello Kustomer.


Agent-friendly. Customer-friendly.

Kustomer unifies data from multiple sources, enabling companies to deliver effortless, consistent and personalized service through one single timeline view.

Consistency across all channels.

Conversations, not tickets, are at the heart of the Kustomer workspace. This means communication is seamless, personal and efficient. Kustomer empowers agents to respond quickly when customers reach out, as well as, proactively initiate service interactions before they come to you.

Timeline by Kustomer.

The customer Timeline is provides a complete, fully actionable view of your customers’ experience. It’s where your agents will spend most of their time when interacting with customers. We built it as an intuitive, fully customizable and easy to use workspace.

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Engage with your customers through their channel of choice.

Kustomer allows your customers to connect with you through web or mobile chat, or start a conversation directly through a voice call, email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or any other channel they want.

Truly omni-channel: Voice and IVR, Web and Mobile Chat, Email, Social, SMS

Conversations, not tickets.

The platform is built for the way agents and customers have conversations. Kustomer’s messages are real communications from real people. No ticket number or mention of “do not reply.” Every conversation can be personalized with customer specific data and placed in the Timeline, just like a memory.

Voice & Personalized IVR.

Kustomer enables you to tailor IVR trees using customer data to deliver a truly personalized experience even before connecting with an agent.

Proactive engagement.

In Kustomer, agents can give customer service and support that special touch. Analyze and monitor your customer’s activity and optimize their buying journeys driven by informed actions by agents, marketing programs and automation. Expected delays in shipping? Website downtime for maintenance? New promo launch? Agents can set up follow up alerts or easily search and send proactive messages to customers for a true “wow” effect.


Seeing your customers’ sentiment helps agents decide on the best way to communicate with them and how best to prioritize them. You can generate reports based on sentiment changes that help you understand your team’s effectiveness.

Kustomer Chat.

Chat is fully customizable for your brand and business. With Chat Conversational Assistant, you can collect the customer information your agents would normally need to ask for upfront, speeding up response times and improving resolution time. You can also design the assistant to determine what team the end-user is attempting to contact and auto assign it so your agents are not tasked with triage.

Superpower your agents.

Productive agents are happy agents. Give them all the support tools and information they need to best serve your customers.

Queues & Routing.

Segment and manage real-time conversation traffic in order to direct your customers to the most appropriate resource or channel. Respond to customer requests efficiently and empower your teams to meet aggressive SLAs through multiple channels including chat and text.

Searches & Views.

Agents can search and create views to better manage their time and queue based on customers, conversations, or other custom fields.


Enable efficient collaboration with other teams. Agents can handle a conversation together with another agent, or invite someone else in the company to join the conversation. Equip agents with the tools they need to efficiently collaborate with other teams. Features like Notes, Following, and @mentions allow different team members throughout the company come together to help a customer.

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The Right Answer, the First Time.

Kustomer’s knowledge base is essential for delivering effortless customer experiences and increasing customer loyalty. Customers expect to find answers to their questions quickly and easily, when and where they need it. Deliver beautiful, compelling knowledge with easy rich media support including video, images, PDFs & other media.

Context cards.

Because every company is unique, Kustomer enables you to display any type of information you’d like based on your business practices and agent needs. Context cards are not only used to display information, but to take action from within the platform, eliminating the need to switch screens or programs.

Admin Tools & Insights.

Team Pulse.

Allows admins and team leads to see what agents are working on in real-time, and quickly jump to the customers and searches that agents are viewing instead of relying on manual searches. Combined together with Queueing & Routing, you could access a dashboard presenting real-time information on user statuses, assigned work, and queue assignment.

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Reporting & Analytics.

Generate reports about your conversations, team performance, and customer base. Customize by choosing different chart types, date ranges, and data sources. Dive even deeper into your customers’ needs by adding data from external services through Custom Objects and Tracking Events.

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