The Kustomer Platform:
Your Zendesk Alternative

Legacy ticketing systems like Zendesk simply can’t help businesses keep up with the service expectations of today’s customers.

That’s because Zendesk can only help companies answer tickets one by one. Customers go unrecognized in favor of the issue, and companies miss major opportunities to build connections and increase loyalty.

Scroll down to see why Kustomer is the only platform that delivers the personalized, efficient, and effortless service experience that your customers have come to expect.


See the Kustomer platform in action:

Kustomer Timeline

As a ticket-based solution, Zendesk offers a standard view of the issue at hand with no context around the customer. As a customer-first platform, Kustomer presents every customer’s history of interactions in a single timeline view that is accessible to all your agents.

Through the timeline, your agents can view and take action on critical information, such as order history, shipping details, and CSAT data without changing screens, keeping them highly informed.

Truly Omnichannel

Zendesk claims to be omnichannel, but they’re simply rebranding their multichannel capabilities. Each channel lives in its own silo, generating separate tickets if a customer switches channels. The result—agent collision caused by different teams providing different answers to the same issue.

Kustomer is a true omnichannel platform that provides a single threaded discussion between customer and agent across email, chat, SMS, voice, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter. Agents have context to progress discussions forward, and customers have the freedom to switch channels while never repeating information.

Automation & Routing

Intelligent automation capabilities in Kustomer eliminate the need for repetitive, manual tasks and make incredible use of all the data stored in the Kustomer platform. For instance, Kustomer’s intelligence can automatically route a high-spending VIP customer to a specific agent, or instantly engage all customers affected by a weather-related shipping delay

And unlike Kustomer, triggering an automated event or business rule in Zendesk cannot be programmed based on customer attributes, ingested external data, or custom objects.

Know everything about your customers.

Zendesk customers are all too familiar with the complicated and expensive third party implementations required to integrate customer data sources.

Kustomer is built from the ground up and integrates seamlessly with all of your customer data sources to provide a single, highly secure system to store, protect and leverage all information related to your customers.

And our team of implementation engineers and support specialists work in-house, so the Kustomer team is with you through your entire experience beyond adoption.

One platform,
one all-inclusive price.

Unlike Zendesk’s clunky and expensive a la carte pricing options, Kustomer offers transparent, bundled pricing that includes full access to all the platform’s powerful features. Have a look at our pricing page.

And if you’re ready to finally say goodbye to Zendesk, let’s talk.

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