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Have you heard? The future of CX is ticket-free! If you’re interested in making the switch from Zendesk to a modern platform, now’s your chance.

Kustomer is offering to buy out your current Zendesk contract and offer up to 40% off until September 30, 2020.*

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ThirdLove achieves a 96% CSAT after switching from Zendesk to Kustomer

The Farmer’s Dog team handles 50% more conversations per day without increasing headcount. saw a 20% decrease in average handle time after switching from Zendesk to Kustomer.

Kustomer vs. Zendesk: See How We Stack Up



Single-Screen Customer Views
Omnichannel Conversations
Accurate Self-Service
Proactive Engagement and Bulk Messaging
Omnichannel Satisfaction Surveys
Actionable Integrations
Top-Notch Security
All-Inclusive Pricing
Customer Success Team
Custom Objects · Chatbots and Deflection Tools
· Trigger Process Automation
· Customer Segmentation
· Reporting
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Features You Won't Find in Zendesk

Faster Resolution Within a Modern Workspace

No more managing multiple tabs to track down information, we mean it.

  • Customizable, single-screen customer views
  • The entire service journey presented chronologically
  • True omnichannel capabilities to support multi-device conversations

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Fuel Efficiency with Powerful AI

Focus on complex problems and relationship-building, and let AI do the rest.

  • Contextualize and classify conversations automatically
  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks with powerful process automation
  • Deflect at least 40% of all conversations without involving an agent

Integrate Your Apps So Your Team Can Work Fast

Unify all your customer data and do amazing things with it, like segment customers, trigger conversations, automate messages, and power AI.

  • Seamlessly connect all your data sources and business intelligence tools
  • Easily integrate with out-of-the-box apps like Shopify, Magento, Stella Connect, and more
  • Build custom integrations with homegrown and proprietary systems

Hear From Our Customers Who Made the Switch

“There’s so much opportunity to leverage Kustomer’s API and help create a more seamless customer and Fit Stylist experience. We want to improve our customers’ ability to self-service, and provide our Fit Stylists with additional tools to improve their knowledge so they can effectively resolve issues. We’re excited to continue to grow the relationship between ThirdLove and Kustomer.”

Gio Brown, CX Systems Admin Manager, ThirdLove

“If your team is struggling with multiple clicks to resolve an inquiry, lacking complete and comprehensive views of a customer’s issue or prior experience and transactions, Kustomer is the best choice to empower your agents as well as increase one-touch resolution and overall customer satisfaction.”

Molly Garraway, Sr. Manager of Customer Experience, The Farmer’s Dog

“Kustomer is the only customer service solution that meets our needs as a global delivery app. Previously, we used three separate applications to support our customers, couriers, and partners. Now, Kustomer lets us manage those relationships in one platform and ensures each conversation is sent to the right agent.”

Sergi Mendez, Global Head of Live Operations, Glovo

“Forget the efficiency of saving five seconds in every customer interaction, This sets a new benchmark for CX success.”

Erica Gutierrez, Customer Experience Manager,

“I love how customizable Kustomer is! With other players in this space, I constantly felt like I was trying to shape my business needs around their tools and what we could hack it to do, but Kustomer fits all my team needs. I love the flexibility and functionality, and we are constantly tweaking things to improve the CX team experience.”

Michelle McCombs, Director, Community Experience, HopSkipDrive

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    * This promotional offer is only available for orders executed with Kustomer between June 15, 2020 and September 30, 2020 (the “Buy Out Period”). The amount of fees (excluding tax) remaining on your Zendesk contract (up to 9 months) will be applied as a credit to the fees payable under your order executed with Kustomer over a period of up to 3 years. Additional exclusions and limitations may apply.


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