Looking for a Zendesk alternative?

Say goodbye to disconnected tickets. Say goodbye to impersonal service. Say goodbye to high costs and lengthly deploys.

Say goodbye to Zendesk and meet Kustomer, a modern platform for customer service designed and built around your business and your customers.

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See how Kustomer can transform your customer service

Kustomer brings together your customers’ data, business transactions, and conversations across every channel, all in one place – giving you a comprehensive, actionable view of every customer.

  • Know your customer with a real-time view across tickets: Stop chasing down customer information in multiple CRM systems. With Kustomer, each customer has a unique actionable timeline with their history of conversations and transactions.
  • Delight your customers and your team with a true omnichannel experience: The struggle of handling different Zendesk tickets for different channels is over. Seamlessly switch engagement channels in real time within the same conversation.
  • Scale up your team with strong automation and workflows: Don’t be limited by basic workflows that can’t automate simple tasks. Now you can define intelligent, branched workflows and reports encompassing all customer-related systems in your business.

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