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Meet Kustomer, a modern solution for customer service and support that is built around both your business and your customers.

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 Customer-Centric Solution

 25% Lower TCO

 One-Click Migration

Omnichannel Communication

Provide support that’s omnichannel for both your customers and your agents.

Real-time Customer Timeline

All conversations and transactions are shown in a single view.

Customer Sentiment Across Channels

See sentiment and gain actionable insights from your customers across every channel.

Automation &

Efficiently scale your team with branched, multi-step workflows.

With Zendesk
With Kustomer
Every channel engagement requires a separate ticket. Although all tickets go to one agent interface, agents can't view multiple tickets without merging them.
Agents can seamlessly switch engagement channels in real time within the same conversation, easily toggling between channels.
Non-branched, ticket focused workflows with constrained hourly run times limit your automation to basic if-this-then-that logic.
Easily define intelligent, branched workflows encompassing all customer-focused systems, leading to the automation of your CX business logic.
Customer information is limited to multiple, different tickets. Tracking events and data objects like orders and returns are not automatically connected to a customer view.
Every customer has a unique timeline with their history of purchases, omnichannel interactions, and custom objects like returns or orders - combining all internal and external data into one actionable view.
Sentiment is only available via an app integration and is limited to tickets, so it's impossible to make decisions based on all channel interactions with your customers.
Kustomer's platform means you can see sentiment and gain actionable insights from your customers or search results across every channel.
Custom integrations with your internal system are costly, but don't display the information in a way that matches your business.
Fully actionable integrations with any existing system - internal or external - let your support software match your business.

“Kustomer has helped increase the speed in which our customer service team can get back to customers.”

Switched from Zendesk

Jordan Donati
Customer Experience Manager

“Our goal is to be our customers' friend and advocate, and the Kustomer timeline helps us do just that. By giving us a complete picture of our relationship with a customer—and not a one-off, isolated ticket view—we're able to efficiently provide robust, personal service.”

Switched from Zendesk

Charlie Taft
Director of Customer Experience

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“Organic cotton feminine care in customized assortments delivered to your door. Simple products, modern convenience, complete transparency. ”

Switched from Zendesk

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