Kustomer, A Modern Alternative to Salesforce Service Cloud

Kustomer powers exceptional customer experiences for the modern consumer

Unburdened by legacy systems and silos, Kustomer delivers best-in-class omnichannel support. The popularity of same day delivery and direct-to-consumer brands has revolutionized the digital landscape.

Consumers want personalized assistance and self-service options without waiting. Outdated technology has not kept up with consumer preferences. Invest in a solution that enables your team to succeed in 2020 and beyond. The jury is in on G2. Compared to Salesforce, Kustomer is better and easier to use.

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Kustomer vs. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud
Meets Requirements 90% 84%
Ease of Use 88% 80%
Ease of Setup 85% 74%
Ease of Admin 86% 78%
Quality of Support 89% 80%
Product Direction 87% 77%
Product Direction (% positive) 87% 77%
Customization 91% 82%
Integration 92% 80%
Knowledge Base 89% 78%
Customer Profiles 92% 83%
Chat/Live Support 90% 79%
In-App Messaging 89% 83%
Targeted Emails 92% Feature Not Available

All satisfaction statistics based on user ratings from G2® Help Desk Comparison: Kustomer and Salesforce Service Cloud

The Kustomer Difference

All Your Agent Tools in One Place

Unify customer data and communications in one place to personalize service efficiently

  • Merge customer data across your relevant systems and channels into one customer-centric workspace
  • Trigger automation with tagged inbound conversations
  • Segment customers, trigger actions, automate messages with integrated CSAT and sentiment analysis

Smart Self-Service and Customer Routing

Decrease inquiries with AI-powered self-service.

  • Reduce ticket volume with deflection templates and intuitive UI for administrators
  • Automate resolutions to common questions like, “Where’s my order?”
  • Surface contextually-relevant articles and trigger automated customer engagement

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Let Conversations Flow Across All Channels

Respond to customers without restarting conversations

  • Jump into omnichannel conversations armed with complete customer history and sentiment
  • Drive faster agent responses with shortcut recommendations
  • Engage customers proactively to notify them of order delays and manage expectations
  • Improve agent handle time with comprehensive tooling on one screen

Kustomer Offers Better Value

  • Avoid paying more for additional storage or help center usage
  • Save money on implementation. Set up your instance without third-parties
  • Lower overhead costs. Kustomer doesn’t need a dedicated administrator

Hear From Customers Who Made the Switch

UNTUCKit Logo Case Study

“For anyone considering the Kustomer platform, I would encourage them to seek out clients that are already using it, brands like UNTUCKit, and also really get to know some of the people that are working at Kustomer. It’s a really high energy company – lots of great people that are invested in your success as much as you are.”

Mike Vroom, Customer Service Director, UNTUCKit

Away Travel Logo

“Kustomer is a platform that offers so much more than just a ticketing system—it’s optimizing our entire customer experience workflow at Away. There are so many ways you can use Kustomer to leverage customer insights and make more informed decisions.”

Jayne Flynn, Data & Analytics, Away

“What sold us was the philosophy of how to truly serve the customer. The approach Kustomer set out to build more closely matches how we want to care for our customers than any of the various competitors.”

Ben MacAskill, COO, Flickr & SmugMug, SmugMug

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