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Combine digital engagement with modern CRM and AI to orchestrate personalized omnichannel experiences at scale

Digital engagement is only one part of customer experience management. To reduce abandonment, increase conversion, and boost loyalty, brands need to orchestrate a contextualized experiences across all customer touchpoints.

Kustomer is the industry’s first customer service platform purpose-built for support. Our platform unifies siloed operations by bringing together CRM, customer engagement, and helpdesk software into a single omnichannel platform.

From tech startups to hyper-growth DTC brands and large-scale retailers choose Kustomer to orchestrate seamless experiences across the customer journey and transform their support organization from a post-sales cost-center into a full lifecycle growth-driver.

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↑ 80%

Paddle saw over 80% improvement in SLAs within the first few months with Kustomer

↓ 88%

PieSync reduced customer wait times by 88% since launching with Kustomer

‣ 99%

Paddle achieved 99%+ CSAT score within 5 months of switching to Kustomer

Kustomer vs. Intercom

Meets Requirements 89% 86%
Omnichannel 92% 87%
Contextual Engagement 92% 89%
Personalization 91% 88%
Knowledge Base 88% 84%
Customization 91% 80%
Ticket Collaboration 92% 88%
User, Role and Access Management 92% 86%
Customer Profiles 90% 84%
Voice 89% 77%

All satisfaction statistics based on user ratings from G2® Help Desk Comparison: Kustomer and Intercom.
Comparison data pulled 8/19/2021.


The Kustomer Difference

Orchestrate Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

Deliver personalized and contextualized omnichannel experiences across the customer journey

  • Conduct conversations across e-mail, chat, social, SMS, and voice from a single interface
  • Allow agents to view the entire experience and seamlessly switch between channels to meet customers where they are
  • Leverage historical customer data to orchestrate personalized engagement

One Place to Manage and Activate Customer Data

Leverage the Kustomer CRM to unify customer data and communication channels in one place, enabling personalized service at scale

  • Ingest and merge customer data from all relevant systems into one customer-centric workspace
  • View the entire customer experience at a glance with a single thread of all customer interactions displayed in an actionable timeline view
  • Quickly find, share, and act on information across the tech stack from a centralized platform

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Meet B2C Scale With AI and Automation, Powered by CRM Data

Meet demand at scale by automating end-to-end support workflows and routine agent actions

  • Deliver frictionless self-service and instant resolution with AI-powered bots that seamlessly integrate with CRM data
  • Improve agent productivity by using machine learning to predict responses and actions
  • Eliminate the overhead associated with manual triage using AI to detect intent and trigger relevant workflows

Easy to Deploy, Customize and Maintain

Launch a full-fledged omnichannel CX operation within weeks

  • Turnkey tools to set up channels, configure sophisticated business rules and integrate third-party platforms
  • Create custom experiences across multiple brands from a single account
  • No dedicated administrator, expensive consultants, or hidden costs

Hear From Customers Who Made the Switch

“We chose Kustomer because in getting us up and running, the Kustomer team guaranteed they would work directly with us, compared to other providers who instructed us to hire an outside consultant for implementation. With Kustomer, the team never deviated from the plan, and met all our requirements to ensure the platform worked for PieSync.”

Jan Bogaert, Customer Support Officer, PieSync

“The Kustomer workflow engine is phenomenal. I honestly can’t praise it highly enough. We have very nuanced workflows that require very subjective pathing to understand how to segment our sellers and their issues, and we have the ability to build workflows to make that possible.”

Gary McGrath, Success Operations Manager, Paddle

“At a glance, we can see how many times a customer has written in, all their orders, even the reviews they’ve submitted. It makes it so much easier for our reps to focus on that customer’s needs, rather than one ticket at a time.”

Heather Kunert, Director of CX, Comrad Socks

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