Deliver smarter, automated customer service using artificial intelligence and machine learning

KustomerIQ integrates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with the data, workflow, and rules engines of the Kustomer platform to enable more personalized, efficient, and effortless customer service experiences.

Superpower agents

Surface the right information at the right time to enhance agent conversations and productivity.

Guide Agent Responses

Provide agents immediate access to the knowledge they need to resolve customer issues faster by giving them pre-written suggested shortcuts based on a conversation’s content and a customer’s attributes.

Answer Customer Questions Without Agents

Reduce resolution and handle times by directing customers with simple questions to Knowledge Base articles for self-service support, while freeing agents to focus on complex inquiries by reducing conversation volume.

Help Agents Understand How Customers Feel

Quantify customer sentiment about your brand in real-time by analyzing their messages to help agents determine the best way to communicate and build rapport with customers during a conversation.

Automate processes

Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and streamline business processes by making your workflows intelligent.

Classify Every Conversation

Make Level 0 customer service a relic of the past by intelligently categorizing conversations using Machine Learning and attributes of the conversation and customer.

Make Smarter Routing Decisions

Improve satisfaction by queuing and routing customers to the most appropriate agent based on conversation classification, agent skills, and team capacity to increase first contact resolution and reduce wait and handle times.

Communicate in the Customer’s Language

Detect the language a customer is using to automatically route conversations to agents that speak the language and switch suggested shortcuts set up in multiple languages to the right one.

Identify insights

Unlock trends and patterns in your data to discover new service opportunities and predict business outcomes.

Optimize Your Team

Anticipate future staffing required for consistent SLA attainment by predicting conversation volumes and ensure agents are optimally deployed and properly trained to deliver standout customer experiences by uncovering their strengths and weaknesses.

Uncover Opportunities for Proactive Outreach

KustomerIQ takes all customer data and predicts their needs and actions, driving decisions to proactively delight customers, grow revenue, and increase loyalty.

Identify Hidden Business Improvements

Transform your business by finding ideas for new products, process enhancements, and personalized.

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