The 2021 CX Prep Guide

Predictions for CX in a Post-COVID World

Do you remember New Year’s Eve 2019? We were all thrilled for a fresh start, to push the metaphorical refresh button and set our goals high for 2020.

But 2020 had other plans. First a mysterious virus began to spread globally, followed swiftly by a lockdown and economic collapse, threaded continuously with urgent social justice movements and a general sense of stress and unease. These changes often seemed insurmountable, and from a customer service perspective they forced a heavy, transformative hand.

Many organizations are struggling to understand when they’ll go back to “business as usual”. And the fact of the matter is, they likely never will. The new way of working that 2020 forced upon CX teams will have lingering effects, and consumers are now used to doing business in a whole new way. Read our guide to learn what to expect CX to look like in 2021 including:

  • Why digital transformation is here to stay
  • How changing consumer attitudes will mean more digital commerce
  • The urgent need for speed and efficiency
  • How to treat the modern consumer
  • Why CX will be more important than ever before
  • How to deliver superior support in 2021

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