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Personalized. Efficient. Effortless.

Kustomer isn’t a ticketing system. It’s a new type CRM for customer service that drives smarter data-driven processes so you resolve more conversations quickly.

• See all customer info on single timeline

• Take requests from anywhere, reply in a single thread

• Configurable interface to automate repetitive tasks

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“If you are a brand where responsive, personal, differentiated customer service is a priority, you have to use Kustomer. There is nothing close to it on the market. It was like they read our minds.”

Leslie Voorhees Means
Co-Founder & CEO, Anomalie

Know everything about your customers and connect with them everywhere

Get context for every conversation

Kustomer unifies purchase history, past interactions, and other customer data from all your systems and displays it as a single timeline for each customer.

• Agents never have to switch screens to see all customer info

• Accelerate the successful completion of customer inquiries

• Avoid having to ask tedious questions

One platform, truly omnichannel

Kustomer’s omnichannel platform breaks down the communication silos that fragment service experiences, cause agent collision, and frustrate customers.

• Single threaded conversation

• Reply from any channel, at any time inquiries

• Includes channels such as email, chat, SMS, voice, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, etc.

Intelligent automation

The Kustomer platform uses AI and machine learning to improve the precision and speed of service by automating repetitive, manual tasks as well as your most complex business processes.

• Enhance agent productivity

• Assess customer needs in real time

• Shorten the time it takes to deliver exceptional outcomes

Proactively engage customers

With all your data in Kustomer’s platform, agents and automation can take action to keep customers informed and engaged with your brand.

• Solve customer problems before they know one exists

• Create customer segments to send personalized offers

• Build segments to engage with high value customers

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