The Science of Strong Relationships

The CX Forces to Help Organizations Take Their CX Strategy to the Next Level

Tracking key performance indicators such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a good way to keep a pulse on customer sentiment, but it is not enough. In order to design experiences that truly connect with customers’ needs, organizations need to leverage proven frameworks that provide strategic guidance and focus on what truly matters.

Ipsos’ ‘Forces of Customer Experience (CX)’ is a human-centric framework that helps organizations drive stronger relationships through a better understanding of customers’ functional and relational needs; it captures the true building blocks of relationship strength, helping organizations to take their CX strategy to the next level. Organizations need to leverage such a framework to move from creating experiences that are shallow and transactional to deeper and more relational. Only then will the customer experience deliver a Return on CX Investment (ROCXI); bringing the financial return associated with relationship strength and competitive advantage.

In this webinar, you’ll join Helen Wilson, Global Chief Experience Officer at Ipsos to discuss:

  • The Forces of CX and how they were developed
  • How organizations are applying the CX Forces to win

Watch the webinar:

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