The Nightmare Before Kustomer

CX Horror Stories From Before the Switch

Watch this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Dismembered View of the Customer: How can you figure out what your customers are doing—or provide great service—if your view of their history is all chopped up? We’ll show you how to reverse this grisly fate.
  • Agent Collision: No More Undead Agents: Agents acting like zombies? Their customer service software doesn’t let them know what other agents are doing—which makes it easy to mindlessly mob defenseless customers (and eat their brains). Find out how to bring them back to life!
  • Proactive Service: Become Scarily Prescient: Why is Proactive Support so insanely important? Because even if your agents can predict the future, if they can’t act on their insights, they’ll feel like they’re trapped in the Twilight Zone! Learn how Kustomer’s capabilities can take them back to reality.

Watch the Webinar:

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