How LOLA disrupts personal care with personalized, direct-to-consumer experiences

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Learn how LOLA uses personalized experiences to build a lifelong brand for women’s care.

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About the Webinar

While personal care and hygiene products have traditionally been purchased from large retailers and drugstores, customers are now seeking a more personal experience – which companies like LOLA are delivering.

LOLA’s direct-to-consumer business is the first lifelong brand for a woman’s body care. Their trusted consultants prioritize customers’ needs and privacy above all else, and combined with a subscription based personalized offering of products, they’ve found a game changing formula.

Join LOLA and Kustomer and learn:

  • How LOLA prepares their agents to listen to, educate, and consult customers across every channel to build real, personal, and lasting relationships
  • Why LOLA set out to disrupt the outdated feminine care industry, allowing us to have a broader conversation regarding women’s health and empowerment
  • How seeing the complete history of every customer builds relationships and fosters candid feedback from customers


Caroline Dell

Senior Manager, Customer Strategy & Operations

Stacey Dolchin

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs

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