How TrueFacet Brings Luxury to the Digital Experience

Learn how digital-first watch and jewelry marketplace TrueFacet creates a warm, inviting, and luxurious customer experience.

Join TrueFacet and Kustomer, and learn how TrueFacet makes buying a high-end watch or piece of fine jewelry as comfortable as shopping at your local boutique. TrueFacet’s service and experience puts customers at ease, helping them connect in a digital-first world.

You’ll learn how TrueFacet:

  • Transforms agents into consultants shoppers can rely on for advice and support before and after making a big, emotional purchase.
  • Drives repeat business and increases customer lifetime value with a 1-1, consultative experience that focuses on guaranteeing authenticity and streamlining repairs.
  • Gives shoppers the best experience possible by seeing the entire history of their interactions and promoting a seamless connection to support staff over text messaging.

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Deliver effortless, personalized customer service.

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