Robert Charming - Head of Business Operations & People


Robert leads Kustomer’s Operations and People departments, overseeing Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Benefits Administration, Learning & Development, Workplace Experience, Teammate Engagement, Strategic Projects and Operations, and Administration.

Over the last ten years, Robert has worked operationally in six distinct industries: Retail, Travel, Events, Agency / Consulting, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), and now, Software as a Service (SaaS). Exposure to the variation within these verticals has provided him a unique perspective on the intersectionality of business. Many organizational challenges follow similar patterns and Robert enjoys taking a data-driven approach to test hypotheses until the desired results are received.

Bringing to Kustomer his core philosophy that people are the life-blood of an organization, Robert aspires to create a productive, fulfilling experience for each individual on the Kustomer team. Everyone has had a “less-than great” customer experience interaction, and Robert’s vision is to improve that experience for the broader market while making sure the internal customer experience is solid for the people who breath life into Kustomer, Inc.

When not sifting through data or building relationships with teammates and candidates alike, Robert can often be found at the airport, in Chicago visiting friends, or somewhere abroad immersing himself in a different culture.

Origin: Colorado

Favorite Food: Ramen, hands down

If I could bring one item on a deserted island, what would it be: A boat

Random Fact: I graduated high school at 16

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