Meet the Kustomer Krew

Our team is what makes us unique

Perfecting customer experiences requires a diverse mix of talent and perspectives. We need to understand all our current and potential customers’ challenges and find ways to help them build a better experience for all.

Each department strives to be the best at its craft, yet we are all here to win as One Krew. We push forward and encourage each other to grow and innovate, moving as quickly as we can because we have a lot of people to help. It’s not just a job – we do it for every customer out there and for each of our teammates. We’re excited that you’re considering what it might be like to be here.

Who We Are

Customer Obsessed

Listen, go above and beyond, and deliver an amazing experience to our customers.

Be Open

We can do anything with hard work, innovation, an open mind, and a positive attitude.


Always be in start up mode.


Don’t just talk about it, be about it.

One Krew

Remember to have fun together while staying humble, respecting and leaning on each other – we are nothing without our team.

Win with Data

It’s through data that we verify, understand, and quantify our decisions and actions.

Life at Kustomer


This prestigious Kustomer award is named after Peter Johnson’s (Our VP of Product) motto: Don’t just talk about it, be about it. Every Krew member can nominate another member for the award if they believe they have truly demonstrated this core value. Lead by example and show others how it’s done.

Kustom Black

KustomBlack is an employee resource group that serves as a tool to build an inclusive culture and help promote diversity at Kustomer. KustomBlack’s goal is to attract, retain and develop top Black talent, while also serving as an educational resource for others. KustomBlack’s programming is centered around fellowship, personal and professional development, celebrating diverse voices across the African diaspora and establishing Kustomer as a partner amongst the Black community worldwide.


KustomerAAPI is an employee resource group that aims to create and maintain an inclusive space for all Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander employees at Kustomer. KustomerAAPI works to foster a strong sense of belonging and community amongst AAPI employees, advance the professional and personal growth of all AAPI employees, and raise awareness and facilitate discussions of AAPI culture.

Kustomer Kares

Every quarter, our Kustomer Kares group leads a volunteer project or event that’s focused on giving back to our communities. Every employee has the chance to get involved and help make the world a better place.

Women of Kustomer

The women of Kustomer are a driving force of female inclusion and empowerment, no matter your role or career level. Initiated in 2018, the group is designed to support all women on their journey to achieve their personal and professional goals. We focus on recruitment – using our network to seek qualified women to join us and support and uplift each other through group and company initiated initiatives.


The mission of KustomerALLIES is to create and maintain an inclusive space for all lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual+ employees at Kustomer. We will work to promote inclusive company policies, advance the professional and personal growth of all LGBTQ+ Krew members, service our local LGBTQ+ communities, and facilitate discussion around LGBTQ+ topics.

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