Meet the Krew.

It's the Kustomer Krew that makes us truly unique. Building solutions that help companies create Friendships with their customers requires a diverse mix of talent and perspectives.

Each department strives to be the best at its craft, yet we are all here to win as a team. We push forward and encourage each other to grow and innovate. When we achieve a milestone, we celebrate it and then move on to the next goal. Each and every one of us WANTS to be at Kustomer. It’s not just a job. We’re on a mission.

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The values that guide us.

Creating close relationship with our community of customers takes more than just words -- it requires leadership, action, and heart. We believe every customer should feel as if they are being served by a close friend. Our customer-centric philosophy guides our decisions and actions every single day.
We are disruptors by nature, rethinking and reimagining the current ways of doing… well, everything. From our founding mission, through our Kustomer platform, to the way we serve and develop relationships with our community of customers, we strive to always do something that was never done before.
Customers First & Center
Always put the needs and requirements of our customers ahead of anything and everything else. We exist to deliver value and promote our customers’ goals.
Always Learning, Knowledge Sharing
Be curious and seek to expand your knowledge so that you could operationalize it into value bringing actions. We are eager to share our learnings and knowledge with each other and with our community of customers.
Push value providing actions and take ownership of your projects, deliverables and results. Seeks solutions and support, and make it happen. We value and recognize going the extra mile and know when we win, we win together.
Seek to take action with integrity and respect to others. Trust is the most difficult value to earn and the easiest to lose. We prove ourselves by earning our customers and community’s confidence daily.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our Krew encourage each other and others outside our organization to join in the fun. Passionate talent + playfulness equals high performance and happiness.


This prestigious Kustomer award named after Peter Johnson’s (Our VP of Product) motto.

Every Krew member can nominate another member for the award if they believe they have truly demonstrated this core value. Don’t just talk about it. Be About it. Lead by example and show others how it’s done.

Kustomer Kares.

The Kustomer Krew is a passionate, caring team. We want to see positive change in the world around us and to lend a hand whenever possible. Our Kustomer Kare programs are initiated and managed by the team to help shape, educate, support and promote causes that are dear to our hearts.

What is the work environment like?

The Women
of Kustomer.

The women of Kustomer are a driving force of female inclusion and empowerment, no matter your role or career level. Initiated in 2018, the group is designed to support all women on their journey to achieve their personal and professional goals. We focus on recruitment - using our network to seek qualified women to join us and support and uplift each other through group and company initiated initiatives.

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