Unbabel is empowering global customer centric organisations to provide support in multiple languages. We help businesses to cope with challenges that arise when running a multilingual operation, whether that’s coping with seasonality spikes, unforeseen demand changes, 24/7 coverage and more. Simply put, all your customers receive a better customer experience regardless of the language they speak.

Unbabel combines the speed and scale of adapted machine translation with the quality that can come only from a native speaker, both incredibly crucial for customer experience whilst respecting your unique brand tone of voice.

Your agents bring the support skills. We bring the language skills, no changes to your workflow required. Unbabel helps you build leaner, happier teams and put your resources towards strategic initiatives.

Kustomer + Unbabel

Unbabel helps Kustomer users to communicate with their customers in their native language at a level of quality, speed and scalability that has never before been attainable. Seamlessly integrated with Kustomer, Unbabel allows teams of any size to provide comprehensive multilingual coverage, improve CSAT, Operational Efficiency and Scale more effectively.

Key Benefits
  • Unbabel combines artificial and human intelligence to bring you native-quality translations, consistently outperforming machine translation engines.
  • Boost your CSAT scores by helping your global customers in their own language.
  • Major global brands use Unbabel to deliver long-term customer success strategy globally and innovate at enterprise standards.
  • Scale your multilingual support at lower cost. We can handle peak-season volumes and help you cover long-tail languages – no matter where you’re based or which agents are on shift.
  • Build a more effective, scalable, and flexible team by recruiting your agents for their support skills, not their languages.
  • ROI of 10-40% with a shift from multi contact centres on/near & off shore, to select few multilingual hubs in low cost locations

For more information, please contact: partnerships@unbabel.com or visit the Unbabel website.

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