Streem is on a mission to make the world’s expertise more accessible by bringing to market the best in computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning delivered via a highly intuitive user interface. Highly robust yet with a light technology footprint, your agents can be up and running with Streem in very short order.

Kustomer + Streem

Deliver Streem’s AI-powered remote video support straight from the Kustomer desktop and transform your customer experience by giving omnichannel customer support teams a real-time 360º view of the end-user’s environment; empowering your agents to see what your customer sees and solve problems faster. With the Kustomer integration, your experts are only a click away from being virtually “on-site” with your customers and prospects—working together to resolve issues that would otherwise require an expensive, inefficient site visit.

With this integration your team can:

  • Provide revolutionary customer experience (CX) using tools already in the hands of your customers and agents. Being able to see what the end-user can see enables new levels of empathy and interaction efficiency. There’s no app to download for your customers; and no software to install for your IT Team.
  • Create new levels of operational efficiency now that your experts have all the tools they need to view, diagnose, capture, and share critical project information remotely—eliminating unneeded job-site visits, reducing warranty claims, speeding up quote times, and building world-class customer experiences.
  • Increase revenue and sustainability by way of a dramatically streamlined quoting process. Create eco-friendly business engagements for field service and support teams by reaching more customers and providing one-of-a-kind support while reducing wasted travel, downtime hours and the unpleasant wait of the “four-hour window” for your end-users.

Deliver effortless, personalized customer service.

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