Looker is a powerful data analytics platform that helps organizations visualize their data in a meaningful, actionable way. The partnership between Kustomer and Looker enables companies to combine their support team’s data into broader, company-wide insights and analysis.

Kustomer + Looker Block

We’ve created a Looker Block for Customer Support Analytics by Kustomer. Looker Blocks make it easy for companies to quickly deploy expertly built solutions specific to each business unit or data source. They are also a great way for partners like Kustomer to make the data we’re replicating in your data warehouse immediately actionable.

The Looker Block for Kustomer allows you to easily examine your customers, conversations, and teams data to offer a holistic view of Customer Support team operations.

Here’s a few sample metrics you can access within the Looker block:

  • Average time to first completion
  • Average time to first response
  • Average number of messages in conversations
  • Conversation status
  • Volume by channel

Complete Customer Context

Kustomer provides customer context beyond individual transactions and Looker allows you to link this comprehensive data to other operational data in your warehouse, including application data and home-grown platforms.

By combining customer data with your enterprise level data, the Kustomer + Looker integration enables you to uncover new insights and track the business-level impact of customer service efforts. 

Check out our knowledge base article to learn more.


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