Guru believes the knowledge you need to do your job finds you – when and where you need it most. This intelligent integration unifies your organization’s collective knowledge within Guru. Using AI, Guru can then dynamically suggest the most relevant knowledge in Kustomer without your team having to search for it.

Kustomer + Guru

Kustomer and Guru work together to automatically surface your organization’s internal knowledge and knowledge base articles within the context of a conversation on Kustomer. With verified, accurate knowledge at the ready, your customer facing teams (support, sales, and success) are empowered to confidently and more quickly respond to questions, accelerate first call resolution rates and decrease handle times.

Guru Sync for Kustomer

Using Guru Sync, mutual customers will have the ability to synchronize their external Kustomer knowledge base articles into Guru, allowing support agents to quickly access both their internal knowledge without leaving their Kustomer email or live chat conversations. Your knowledge base article authors will continue to update, edit, and create new content in Kustomer, with Guru Sync for Kustomer consistently capturing and updating the synchronized content within Guru.

Guru AI Suggest for Kustomer

Guru’s AI-powered integration and browser extension bring your support agents the knowledge they need, coaching them in real-time within Kustomer’s Customer Management Platform. Guru’s suggestions update dynamically and contextually surface knowledge based on the questions your team’s are receiving.


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