Delighted gathers real feedback from your customers – in minutes, not weeks. No technical knowledge required.

Kustomer + Delighted

Delighted offers a fully automated Kustomer integration that syncs response data, in real time, to customer records in Kustomer.

Key Benefits

Quick and easy integration between Delighted and Kustomer

It’s never been easier to get critical customer feedback into your Kustomer account. Delighted offers one-click set-up via the Kustomer integration page. Be up-and-running in 5 minutes or less!

Provide personalized support experiences for your customers

By syncing survey feedback to Kustomer, your team has access to critical voice-of-customer data that can help set the tone for support interactions. Make your raving fans feel like VIPs. Better understand customers with lower feedback ratings so you can solve their pain points quickly and effectively.

Easily search and segment customers based on their feedback

– Description: Kustomer’s search option allows you to set up specific search conditions to filter to based on Delighted response data. Pull up customers with lower scores and fire off a discount offer. Segment those providing positive feedback and loop them into referral messaging. The options go on and on!

Our Help Center FAQ for the integration can be found here.

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