Leading Kustomer brands are using Chatdesk’s solutions for scaling support:

Chatdesk Shift

Chatdesk Shift reduces call volume by 10%+ and lower costs by up to 80% while achieving 90%+ customer satisfaction.

When callers call your call center, you can shift inbound calls to more efficient channels like Kustomer Chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat.

You can also shift calls to self service flows like order status, returns, etc. This integration seamlessly connects with your Kustomer CRM and existing IVR. No dev work needed.

Chatdesk Teams

Chatdesk Teams scale up their customer support team on-demand. We help find US-based superfans of your brand who help increase response times by up to 70% and drive conversion by 15%+

With Chatdesk, you can solve repetitive email tickets and increase conversions on Facebook and Instagram comments with personalized customer support.

The Chatdesk integration enables your Chatdesk Team to respond to tickets that you receive in Kustomer. Our machine learning technology ensures that the messages are always accurate and perfectly match your brand voice from day one. Your Chatdesk Team works alongside your support team and frees up your time.

You get 24/7 coverage, happier customers and more conversions.

Kustomer + Chatdesk

Scale your support with call deflection from phone and on-demand customer support using US-based superfans of your brand.

Key Benefits

With this integration, you will be able to:

Increase sales conversion by up to 15%

Quickly respond to presale questions across chat, Facebook, and Instagram during after-hours and peak periods

Reduce call volume by 10%+

Lower your call volume and manage peak times.

Reduce costs by up to 80%

Save $3-5 call shifted from phone to Kustomer Chat, SMS, Chatbot or Self Service; Reduce your cost per ticket by $1-3

Achieve 90%+ customer satisfaction

Reduce wait times, repeat calls, call-backs and Average Handling Time (AHT); Increase First Call Resolution (FCR)

Deliver effortless, personalized customer service.

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