Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Please be advised that Kustomer, Inc. does not, and has not sold (as that term is defined under the CCPA) any personal information. See Kustomer’s website Privacy Policy here. Likewise, Kustomer does not have any future plans to sell personal information.

That does not mean that we do not share personal data with third party service providers in our capacity as a Business (as that term is defined under the CCPA), but any disclosure of personal information is solely performed for the operation of our website, provision of services and communications with you and is not disclosed in exchange for monetary or other valuable consideration. These third parties may perform administrative functions, provide security or perform any of a number of operational and necessary services without which we cannot operate our business or provide services to you.

Kustomer respects and understands that you may still want to ensure your personal information is not sold (as that term is defined under the CCPA). Therefore, if you would still like to proceed with your “do not sell my information” request, we ask that you kindly make said request using our data subject request form here.

For more information on the California Consumer Privacy Act please visit

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