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December 4, 2019


Kustomer raises $60 million to automate repetitive customer service processes

December 4, 2019


Kustomer raises $60M for its omnichannel-based CRM platform

November 21, 2019


Five Ways Customer Service Can Help You Gain More ROI For Your Holiday Sales By: Brad Birnbaum

October 15, 2019


What Your Customers Really Think About Customer Service By: Brad Birnbaum

October 15, 2019


Kustomer Spurs Growth With New Durham Office—Which It Hopes To Double

October 11, 2019


How Kustomer Is Helping Power The Direct To Consumer (DTC) Retail Revolution In Customer Service and Support

October 11, 2019

New York Post

Average shopper gives a company three strikes before taking their business elsewhere

October 11, 2019

Yahoo News

Three Strikes and You’re Out! Americans Takes Their Business Elsewhere After Three Customer Service Fails

September 26, 2019


Go Omni With Kustomer

September 23, 2019

ScaleUp Valley

Discussions of Triple, Triple, Double, Double growth with the SVP of Global Sales at Kustomer

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