Thomas Butta


Tom is Chief Marketing Officer at SignalFx.

As a marketing leader and brand strategist, Tom helped some of the world’s pioneering companies achieve the coveted position of leader and trusted guide in emerging industries. Nowhere is this more critical than in enterprise technology, where digital disruption has the potential to create significant customer, business, and shareholder value.

In his current role at SignalFx, Tom is helping companies understand what’s required to thrive in a world where there’s no room for error, a world in which customer experience defines brands.

Prior to joining SignalFx, Tom served as CMO of Sprinklr, where he worked to elevate the importance of a digital customer-first transformation for big brands struggling to be relevant with socially-connected customers. Before Sprinklr, Tom was consultant-in-residence at Andreessen Horowitz, where he and his team defined the venture capital firm’s position as trusted guide to the future of technology for the Global 2000. Before that, Tom served as CMO of AppNexus, the world’s largest independent ad-tech company, which was recently acquired by AT&T.

Tom also served as CMO of multibillion-dollar, publicly-traded companies including NICE Systems (NASDAQ:NICE), PTC (NASDAQ:PTC), and Red Hat (NYSE:RHT), which became the standard bearer brand for the global open source movement.

Through his consultancy, 21Weeks, Tom also engineered market-defining brand strategies for high-growth companies including Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS), Opsware (HP), Platform Computing (IBM), Donovan Data Systems (MediaOcean), and StoredIQ (IBM), three of which resulted in acquisitions within six months following in-market execution.

Tom is passionate about uncovering opportunities, designing a smart way forward, and executing human-centered solutions. In addition to his day job, he serves as Advisor to the following organizations: Kustomer, Teampay, UrbanAirship, Gigster, and Smigin. He is also a Director of

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