Gabe Larsen

VP, Marketing


Gabe leads Kustomer’s worldwide marketing efforts, including advertising, brand, communications, demand, and digital.

Prior to joining Kustomer, Gabe was the VP of Marketing for XANT (formerly where he helped create the sales acceleration category and grow the company from six to nearly one-hundred million in revenue. Gabe oversaw the brand transformation, establishing XANT as an industry thought leader, and pioneering a new enterprise go-to-market motion.

Before XANT, Gabe served as a senior managing consultant at a research-based, global performance management company Gallup, Inc. While at Gallup, Gabe helped establish Gallup’s Middle Eastern headquarters in Dubai, sell a $10M dollar deal, and lead customer transformation projects for companies like Toyota, Honda, and IKEA.

Previous to Gallup, Gabe worked for Goldman Sachs as an equity derivative specialist. Gabe oversaw derivative activity on the London and Hong Kong exchanges for 75 U.S hedge funds, managing $750 million to $30 billion under assets.

Gabe has never been a typical marketing leader and the numbers and achievements show it. If Gabe is not creating marketing strategies, partnering with sales people to close a deal, producing content to build pipeline, or pioneering new marketing and sales approaches, you’ll find him at home playing with his four boys, at the nearest karaoke bar pretending he’s on America’s Got Talent, or at the gym playing basketball like he’s still in high school.

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Fun facts:


Good old Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite Food

Thai food that is so spicy it makes me cry

Words to live by…

I’ll sleep when I’m dead

Fun Fact

I love podcasting!

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