The Social Connection: Understanding Social Commerce Trends

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What Is Social Commerce

Social commerce is defined as the use of social networks to drive e-commerce sales. It has been proven to provide an easy and seamless experience for customers who are looking to purchase something without having to leave the platform where they spend time on. Social commerce allows consumers to purchase the product or service from the original piece of content they’re viewing, or via a brand’s page that they follow. This could include clicking a Buy Now button on a Facebook advertisement or swiping up to view a product featured in an Instagram story.

Social commerce is exploding. Sales from products sold via social networks will reach $23.3 billion in 2020, and more than 76 million users in the US will make a purchase via a social network at least once this year. What does this all mean for customer service teams? You must meet your customers where they are interacting with your brand. Social media is more than just likes and comments these days — it can also double as a powerful purchasing platform for your company to help drive revenue and repeat customers.

Download our e-book to learn how to capitalize on social commerce trends

Read on to understand how delivering superior social support can not only build lifelong customer relationships, but also drive revenue for your business in a social commerce world. In this e-book you’ll find:

  • Data on the opportunity of social commerce
  • How social CX can fuel e-commerce growth
  • How to achieve social CX success
  • Powering social CX with an omnichannel CRM


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