Kustomer Sub-Processors of Personal Data

Last Updated: March 31, 2020

This article communicates the current list of third party companies who are authorized to process personal data on behalf of Kustomer. These companies are known as sub-processors. Kustomer performs due diligence on the technical and organizational security measures of all sub-processors, and requires each to commit to obligations regarding their security controls and applicable regulations for the protection of personal data.

Kustomer engages different types of sub-processors to perform various functions as explained in the tables below.

Kustomer Platform Service Specific Sub-Processors

Kustomer uses certain third-party vendors in connection with the Kustomer platform and services. These third parties may process certain types of personal data in connection with delivery of our services to our business customers.

Amazon AWS – Cloud Hosting Provider
Amplitude – Usage Analytics
Appcues – Onboarding
Beamer  – Release Management
Canny – Product Roadmap Functionality
FullStory – User Analytics
Heap – Product Analytics
Heroku – Development Cloud Service 
Launch Darkly – Release Management
Mixpanel  – Usage Analytics
MongoDB –  Remote Database Backups
New Relic – Application Performance Monitoring
Pagely – Cloud Hosting Provider
Postmark – Application Channel
Segment.io – Usage Analytics
SEMrush – Marketing & Search Analytics
Stripe – Billing
Twilio  – Application Channel

Kustomer Internal Business Sub-Processors

Kustomer uses certain third-party vendors in connection with our internal business processes separate from the delivery of our products and services. These vendors may process certain types of personal data in connection with our internal business processes such as marketing and recruiting purposes for visitors to our website.

Bizible – Marketing Platform
Bob – Human Resources Platform
Box – Cloud Content Management
Discoverorg – Sales and Marketing Platform
Envoy – Guest Logs
Gong – Sales Platform
Google Analytics – Marketing Analytics
Greenhouse  – Talent Acquisition
Hired – Recruiting Platform
Justworks – HR and Operations Cloud Service
Madison Logic – Marketing Platform
Marketo – Marketing Platform
Salesforce – CRM
SterlingTS – HR platform



Kustomer will notify business customers and visitors of our website to any changes of sub-processors by using this article.

If you are a business customer and would like to be notified each time we update our list of third party sub-processors, please provide the requested information below to subscribe to updates. Please note that Kustomer will only notify you if your company has an active subscription. This information required below is to allow us to respond to your request. We will only use personal information you provide us consistent with our privacy policy.

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