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Customer Service Reimagined

The Kustomer platform takes a customer-centric, not ticket-centric approach to service, providing a 360-degree view of the customer in a centralized, actionable workspace. Founded by the same team that architected, Kustomer automates and streamlines repetitive, manual tasks, provides unprecedented insight into a customer’s past experiences and current sentiment, and empowers agents to seamlessly communicate across any channel, at any time.

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Why Kustomer?

One Platform,
Truly Omnichannel

With a holistic view of a customer’s entire experience with your business, agents never have to switch screens to have personalized, data-driven, and actionable conversations that accelerate the successful completion of customer inquiries. Kustomer maintains a single threaded conversation where agents always have the context to progress conversations forward without customers having to repeat information, whether over voice, chat, email, SMS or social.


Seamless Implementation & Integration

The implementation of a new platform doesn’t have to be a painful, expensive process. The Kustomer CX team provides a smooth and successful transition, ensuring that the platform is uniquely tailored to your business and fully operational from day one. An open and flexible CRM platform means you can implement your ideal customer tech stack and feed that data into one location, creating a single workspace for all information related to your customers.


Meaningful Partnerships

While Kustomer enables you to build meaningful relationships with your customers, we also want to build a meaningful partnership with you. The Kustomer leadership team is directly involved in the partnership from day one, ensuring that client feedback and insights are continuously incorporated to build a highly effective platform that directly addresses your needs. Your success and our success are inherently connected.


Today’s leading customer service brands choose Kustomer

Better agent productivity

Improvement in
SLA attainment

Increase in
sales orders

Decrease in average handle times

We are able to bring all the details of every transaction a customer has with us directly into the agent’s view, allowing us to spend less time jumping between systems to identify any potential issues and solve them.


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COO, SmugMug
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