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Omnichannel Communication

Provide customer support that’s omnichannel for both your customers and your agents.

Real-time Customer Timeline

All customer conversations and transactions are shown in a single view.

Customer Sentiment Across Channels

See sentiment and gain actionable insights from your customers across every channel.

Automation &

Efficiently scale your customer support team with branched, multi-step workflows.

With Desk.com
With Kustomer
When a customer contacts you again, you get disconnected support tickets.
Follow up messages end up in the same connected conversation.
You need two different software services to handle both chat and email.
Messages in conversations are included agnostic of channel.
Looking up data requires switching tabs and cutting and pasting information.
A single view delivers actionable data, saving you handle and resolution time.
You can only view the current support ticket, and attached images must be opened separately.
A powerful timeline displays customer sentiment, conversations, and custom information.
Your search views are limited to data in the current ticket.
Searches incorporate any data, including custom information.
With ticket rules, you are limited to “If this, then that” and 15 minute runs.
Intelligent workflows listen to, connect, and update any system and run whenever you want.
Lack of software customization makes it difficult to adapt to your business.
Create beautiful, functional layouts in objects that update automatically.
No proper support or service - just upsold to Service Cloud.
Premium support and service.
Simple, outdated reporting functionality.
Reporting and analytics to fit your business and view of every customer story.
No real-time way to know your customer emotions.
Sentiment analysis per customer in real-time on a timeline.

“Kustomer has increased our customer engagement and decreased our workload.”

Switched from Desk.com

Anthony Thomas

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“Kustomer helps us truly know our customers, and not just respond to them.”

Switched from Desk.com

Ben MacAskill
VP of Operations
Ben MacAskill

“We use Kustomer to scale across many customer segments by automating customer journey workflows that identify common issues and make it easy to respond quickly and provide personalized customer service.”

Switched from Desk.com

Laura Gramlich
Customer Experience Manager

“We leverage the Kustomer timeline to quickly gain information on purchase history, favorite locations, and previous interactions with our team. Having robust information on each customer’s experience with our product in one place allows us to quickly provide tailored answers.”

Switched from Desk.com

Ryan Kern
Director of Operations

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