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“If you’re looking for a CRM that’s simple and easy to use, has a nice design that’s both intuitive and easy on the eyes, I couldn’t possibly recommend Kustomer more. Kustomer has been the best CRM I’ve ever used, for a multitude of reasons.”

Jarin Yarbrough, CX Specialist & CX Lead, Arrive

“I would absolutely suggest checking out what Kustomer has to offer. Schedule a demo and talk with their team. So far it has been a really wonderful tool for us and usable for all members of our support staff.”

Robert Raimondi, Senior Member Success Specialist, Scott’s Cheap Flights

“What sold us was the philosophy of how to truly serve the customer. The approach Kustomer set out to build more closely matches how we want to care for our customers than any of the various competitors.”

Ben MacAskill, COO, Flickr & SmugMug, SmugMug

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