Support Team Reduces the Time it Takes to Sync with Customers


88% Decrease in Average Wait Times

Company Profile

Customer Since: 2017

Number of Users: 28

Switched From: Intercom

Favorite Features: Custom Workflow Engine, Data Integration Capabilities

The Challenge

With wait times exceeding its internal SLA, PieSync sought a solution that would help its lean support team handle its customer conversation load more efficiently.

The Results

  • Kustomer automated routine processes, such as sending an email and follow-up SMS if a customer payment was declined, that reduced agent workloads.
  • PieSync uses a complete view of the customers through data integrations and shortcuts to reduce the amount of time and effort that’s required to respond and resolve issues.
  • By helping agents be more efficient, Kustomer has helped PieSync reduce wait times by 88% and earn a reputation with customers as a standout support organization.


“Our customers always talk positively about our customer support. PieSync is easy to set up, but like any technology it can raise questions. And when our customers seek our help, they expect us to reply quickly. So the fact that we have such a great support reputation has a lot to do with Kustomer.”

Jan Bogaert, Customer Support Officer, PieSync


PieSync is a B2B data synchronization provider that seamlessly connects over 180 business applications. From a company’s CRM to its marketing and support tools, PieSync ensures access to the most up-to-date contact information in real time. The application is designed for easy set up and launch without needing help from developers. But, as issues or questions arise, PieSync’s support team is there to help troubleshoot any concerns for new customers, as well as process orders and payments as necessary.

It’s a large volume for a lean team of three; approximately 80 to 90 conversations on a typical day. If PieSync releases a new product feature, the number of conversations can easily skyrocket. PieSync’s previous support solution was unable to manage the load, and customer wait times were exceeding their internal goal of 24 hours. And as a data company, they recognized a huge deficit in their previous tool’s ability to gather and store customer data.

With Kustomer, PieSync now conducts omnichannel conversations across email, chat, SMS and voice within a single workspace. Since the platform is customer-centric, each customer’s history of interactions and purchase events is displayed in a timeline view, providing a holistic 360-degree perspective.

In addition, the platform’s ability to ingest data from external sources has greatly empowered the team at PieSync by consolidating its customer data as well as driving more efficient processes. Shortcuts help the team find and take action on relevant data quickly and easily, like inputting a customer’s order number directly in an email. And through Kustomer’s workflow capabilities, they now automate routine processes that previously consumed much of their time.

For instance, they’ve designed workflows powered by an integration with Stripe, a payment processing application. If a payment fails or is not completed, a workflow in Kustomer triggers an email to inform the respective customer about the failed payment. If the customer does not respond to that email, Kustomer will then trigger an SMS text message to grab the customer’s attention. All this communication is completed by the platform’s intelligence, freeing the support team to tackle more conversations throughout the day.

Since launching Kustomer, PieSync has dramatically reduced their customer wait times, now averaging around 3 hours and down 88% from their former 24-hour standard.


“We needed to have that customer information collected in the support tool, across any channel our customers communicate with us.”

Jan Bogaert, Customer Support Officer, PieSync”


The PieSync support team also credits their success to the consultative approach Kustomer takes starting at implementation to ensure the platform is operational on day one. Jan Bogaert, Customer Support Officer at PieSync shared, “We chose Kustomer because in getting us up and running, the Kustomer team guaranteed they would work directly with us, compared to other providers who instructed us to hire an outside consultant for implementation. That’s fine in some cases, but we knew the added value of having one-on-one attention. That was key for us. With Kustomer, the team never deviated from the plan, and met all our requirements to ensure the platform worked for PieSync.”

PieSync continues receiving positive reviews for its support function. That’s because Kustomer has scaled as PieSync’s inbound volume has increased, giving their small team the ability to support their ever-expanding customer base. “Kustomer can be used in any-sized business, and we continue to rely on the flexibility of the platform as we grow,” said Jan.

A Customer and an Integration Partner

PieSync doesn’t just use Kustomer, they’re an integration partner, too. PieSync customers can integrate their data streaming tool to help ensure up-to-date contact information in Kustomer in real time. The synchronization solution powered by PieSync for Kustomer enables a 2-way integration with CRMs, Marketing tools, e-commerce platforms, and more. Claudia Martinez, Digital Content Marketing Lead shares, “The relationship with Kustomer is special because we are both a customer and a partner. We truly understand how it works, so now we can easily recommend it to our own customers, and establish an integration option for users.”

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