Lumin Skin

Shaking up the CX Routine & Creating a Best-in-Class Reactive and Proactive CX Operation


Increased first contact resolution rate by 31%

Increased agent productivity by 18%

Company Profile

Customer Since: 2020

Number of Users: 78

Switched From: Front

Favorite Features: Timeline, Reporting, Shopify and Klaviyo Integrations

The Challenge

When Lumin Skin first launched in 2018, they focused their resources on creating premium skincare products for men and delivering superior service to a quickly growing customer base. Lumin believed in the power of proactive engagement and personalized experience to drive purchase, reactivate subscription, build loyalty, and more. However, as their business grew and their support volume shot up to over 40,000 requests per month, delivering the personalized experience at scale using their existing help desk solution became increasingly challenging. Siloed conversations led to frequent agent collision, and lack of unified customer profile and in-depth reporting impeded the support team from delivering contextual experience that is key for business growth. This propelled Chelsea Hong, Head of Customer Experience at Pangaea, parent company of Lumin, to look for a new solution.

“Customers are more than the email they send. They connect with us through multiple channels and have a history of interactions with us. We wanted a solution that tracked and unified all facets of the customer behavior so that we can customize and personalize every interaction,” said Hong.

The Results

  • Increased first contact resolution rate by 31% through the usage of a unified customer timeline, removing the need for back and forth.
  • Increased agent productivity by 18% due to the addition of a single, actionable workspace for agents, eliminating the need to look for information in multiple systems.
  • 94% of agents agree that their CS platforms, including Kustomer, support them in getting work done efficiently.


“The team at Kustomer was incredibly helpful, which can be hit-or-miss for CRM platforms. What we found in Kustomer was the support we needed as well as the tools to achieve our CX goals.”

Chelsea Hong, Head of Customer Experience, Pangaea (Parent Company of Lumin Skin)


Immediately after switching to Kustomer, Hong noticed a considerable difference in the team’s ability to give customers a better experience.

“Kustomer was a game-changer,” said Hong. “Agents could see a complete picture of customer behavior which was not possible before. They could see the order history, canceled orders, subscription renewals, and more all in one place, which allowed them to efficiently address each customer’s concerns and deliver a better experience.”

Unifying Customer Data Paints a More Complete Picture

Through Kustomer’s advanced platform, Lumin’s agents were able to see the entire customer journey in a unified timeline view. Kustomer’s Shopify integration allowed them to import transaction and order history into Kustomer, providing the Lumin team with a unique perspective on customer behavior. They were able to compare their monetary behavior with support requests, building a fuller picture of their customer journey.

“Building a bigger picture along with the unified view is really important especially because policies for customers can be so cut and dry,” said Hong.


“Thanks to Kustomer’s Timeline view of the entire customer journey, my team is able to customize and personalize the support experience in real-time.”




Connecting Support With Proactive Outreach Amplifies Customer Feedback

Mitigating high drop-off rates after free trials was important for continuous growth. Using the Klaviyo integration, Lumin was able to set up proactive email campaigns and seamlessly respond to replies directly within Kustomer. Hong’s team even launched an initiative where agents actively reach out to free trial customers to ask about their experience and get instant feedback.

Customizable Dashboard Reveals New Insight

Kustomer’s out-of-the-box reporting capabilities allowed Lumin’s team to conduct advanced analysis, measure agent performance, and easily detect fraud. They were able to customize their dashboard view to fit their exact needs, and leverage Kustomer’s APIs to easily grab customer data and connect with third-party platforms.

“It is rare to find a BI tool that hits all the metrics. Using Kustomer, we were able to look at all the hotspots of ticket data, view individual rep data, and evaluate how all our inboxes are doing from a single platform.” Hong said. ‘On top of that, the Kustomer team was always helpful and eager to answer any questions. That also made a huge difference for us.”

Look Forward

One of Lumin’s plans for the near future is to utilize Kustomer’s turnkey integrations with social media channels to answer all social inquiries from within Kustomer. They receive a high amount of pre-purchase questions via Facebook and Instagram and post-purchase inquiries through email, so they’re keen to streamline the process into one unified view.

In their partnership with Kustomer, Hong and the team at Lumin have overhauled their CX operations to be more personalized, flexible, and data-driven. They’re excited to see what more they can do to optimize their process even further and improve the end-to-end customer journey.

“There’s so much more we can do with Kustomer,” Hong said. “It’s great that we can identify our CX pain points and know that whatever we need, the platform will probably have a solution.”

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