Engineering at Kustomer

Meet our Engineering Team

Our engineering team is organized into cross-functional squads, where engineers collaborate side-by-side with product managers, designers, test engineers, and technical writers to truly own a part of our product – almost as a mini startup.

Ownership at Kustomer means becoming a domain expert and helping craft the squad’s vision, goals, ideation, technical planning, execution, and future iterations to ensure our features continue to scale and deliver value.

Squads are grouped into domains that work together to understand and advocate for different user personas – e.g. “Chat”, “Channels”, and “Self-Service” together make up the “End-Customer Experience” domain.

Each domain also has dedicated architects – some of our most experienced engineers who work hand-in-hand with the squads to strategize and deliver complex initiatives and provide great opportunities for learning and tackling interesting technical challenges.

Our Values

Creating a healthy and productive culture where all our team members can thrive is very important to us. Our engineering culture is embodied in our engineering values, which stand on top of our company values and describe how we seek to operate as a team.


Our customers’ trust is integral to our success; We prioritize building trust and work hard to maintain it

Optimize For Impact

We will always have more opportunities than resources, and we want to spend time where it will impact our customers the most

No Ego

Team results come before individual contribution; We can learn from everyone, and we prioritize unblocking our teammates

Believe We Can

Assume there is a solution; Look for things to build on in each situation and suggestion; Offer options and tradeoffs rather than refusals

Do What You Say

Follow through on commitments; Don’t say you’ll do things lightly; Be proactive about addressing obstacles, don’t wait to offer excuses

Our Tech Stack


“I started at Kustomer in the CX department as an Implementation Engineer. Now as a Software Engineer on the Onboarding & Administration squad I’m able to build features that automate what were previously manual tasks. I love being a software engineer at Kustomer because I know the features I’m building will make both our customers and internal users happier.”

Parker Dinsmore, Software Engineer

“Working as a Software Engineer at Kustomer has been one of the best experiences of my career. Kustomer has provided exceptional opportunity for growth, as well as a stimulating, rewarding, and collaborative work environment. Engineers at Kustomer have the opportunity to tackle challenging Engineering problems, as well as build features that have a high impact on our clients’ business and customers. Furthermore, the Krew is composed of brilliant, collaborative and driven team members that I look forward to working with and learning from every day. I can truly say that I love what I do at Kustomer, and the people that I do it with.”

Jack Borto, Software Engineer


“Everyday is about a new challenge. One day you might be dealing with a problem that one of your customers might have that needs to be solved quickly. Another day, you might be learning what will be useful in the long term for your product. Each day you learn something new and each day is different. Can’t get bored with so much action!”

Ibon Pintado, Senior Product Manager

“Of course it’s always cool to be intricately involved in the feature formation process—from ideation and planning to building and tracking—but working alongside bright, ambitious and most of all, highly collaborative, people from diverse backgrounds is one of my favorite parts of working at Kustomer. In the engineering department, there’s no shortage of daily puzzles to solve, but I respect that there’s always a sensible balance between larger feature work and quick wins, grinding and cruising. Since I’ve been here, the company has more than doubled in size—safe to say it’s a dynamic, ever-evolving place to work, learn and grow!”

Jil Krusemann, Software Engineer

Our Teams


The Insight domain’s focus is to equip support leaders with tools to measure and understand what goes on in their organization. This includes our data team, whose mission is to enable both our company and our clients to leverage data to better solve problems. They focus on tracking, analyzing and surfacing insights, as well as building automation models to make the support process smarter.

End Customer Experience

The End Customer Experience domain includes features like our chat, knowledge base, conversational assistant, and many channel integrations. Our mission is to connect our clients with their customers, wherever that may be. Using what we’ve built, agents interact with millions of customers each month, sending hundreds of millions of messages through chat, SMS, emails, and various social media channels.

Cloud & Velocity

Cloud & Velocity primarily focuses in 3 areas: Cloud infrastructure, engineering team velocity, and observability enablement. While this team doesn’t work on application features, they own the critical operations that ‘keep the lights on’ such as infrastructure security, scalability, observability, and availability of the underlying technologies powering our microservices.

Onboarding & Administration

Our Onboarding & Administration team’s mission is to make getting started with Kustomer a seamless experience, allowing new customers to configure features and pull in data from other platforms smoothly. This team is laser focused on removing any blockers to a great first experience using Kustomer – from trying it out, to paying, to configuring the system.


Our Platform team’s mission is to make it easy for companies and 3rd parties to build unique and tailored customer experiences. This includes our core custom object-based data model, robust APIs, customizable views, an advanced automations engine, and the ability to package these integration points into simple and powerful apps. Since every business is different, this team enjoys the challenge of striking a balance between customization and simplicity – working to deliver solutions that can be creatively used in ways we might not have even considered.

Agent Experience

Agent Experience owns the main interface which agents interact with and where they spend 8+hrs a day, e.g. features like Timeline of a conversation or the Inbox view. This squad’s main focus is on improving agent productivity. The Agents are tasked with solving customer issues at the highest quality and as quickly as possible. It’s an area of super high impact and visibility since our work directly impacts how efficiently the agents are able to resolve customer issues. There are also lots of interesting performance problems to be solved on the FE because of the scale of features we own.

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