Kustomer Tech Recap: Updates to Satisfaction, SLA capabilities, Queues & Routing, and more

Our engineering and product teams have been busy launching new features, improving integrations, and making your top requests a reality. Here are the highlights of what we’ve added to Kustomer over the past few weeks:

Satisfaction Updates:
  • Released standard reports for Satisfaction, available in the Reporting section of the platform.
  • Added ability to send Satisfaction surveys at the completion of conversations across every channel, with surveys defaulting to the last channel used to complete the conversation.


  • Refined SLA calculations to exclude time outside business hours when team is not expected to be available.
  • Streamlined the status of merged conversations to reflect the current status of the most recent conversation by default. For example, if an open email conversation is merged with a previous chat conversation marked as done, the new merged conversation will remain open.
  • Added the new User Toolbar to Team Pulse, which shows, in real time, each agent’s capacity to be routed additional conversations..
  • Optimized search functionality to recognize all parts of an email domain when entered as search criteria.
  • Added ability to store column width settings when defining default columns in Search to ensure an optimal view of the data in each column.
  • Added ability for users to configure by channel the Send Action buttons displayed in conversations.
  • Improved overall UX of Audit Logs to provide optimal display of data and eliminate the need for horizontal scrolling when viewing key details.
  • Optimized the reply functionality in Volume Control to default to a customer’s preferred channel of response.
  • Added ability for agents to modify a customer’s default language directly from the conversation insights panel.
  • Collapsed the default shortcut list view by category to make finding the appropriate shortcut easier during a conversation.
  • Added option to clear all recently viewed customers from the Recently Viewed panel.


  • Optimized Gmail integration so all replies to a single email create one connected, threaded conversation.


Mobile SDKs:
  • Latest iOS SDK Release: Version 0.2.2.
  • Latest Android SDK Release: Version 0.2.4.