How to Keep Customers Smiling This Valentine’s Day

How to Keep Customers Smiling This Valentine’s Day Twitter

It’s a day of love, romance and positive feelings…. that is until white lilies are delivered instead of red roses, or a winter snow storm causes a shipping delay for that diamond necklace she’s been waiting for.

During peak shopping days, like Valentine’s Day, customer loyalty is on the line. A mistake not only means an angry customer, but could mean embarrassment and conflict due to a missing or incorrect present. The way that companies handle service inquiries during these seasonal rushes is of the utmost importance. They must treat customers with empathy, and understand that problems and questions can hold a lot more weight during stressful holidays.

The National Retail Federation reports that $27.4 billion is going to be spent this Valentine’s Day, a whopping 32% increase from last year. So follow these tips to avoid getting caught in cupid’s crossfire.

Prepare for Scale

If you’re a retailer that caters to romance, like florists and jewelers, prepare for an uptick in orders and inquiries. Your apps and websites should be able to handle an increased load, and you should have staff in place to handle the spike in customers reaching out. By leveraging technology that incorporates AI and automation, low level support tasks like business hours and shipping information, can be deflected away from your agents, freeing up their time to tackle more difficult inquiries and making sure Valentine’s Day goes off without a hitch.

Deliver On Instantaneous Conversations

As much as we all wish our significant other was planning a lavish evening months in advance, the truth of the matter is that last minute gift buying is… the norm. Customers will likely be ordering flowers or chocolates mere hours before they want them to be delivered. Make sure you’re able to manage real-time fulfillment, as well as real-time conversations.

In order to deliver truly instantaneous support, agents must be able to have the full context of every customer interaction at their fingertips, no matter the channel or issue. Did the customer just receive their order? What is the sentiment of their interaction? Did they just have a conversation about the same issue on a different platform? Being able to see this all in one view, versus opening new tickets for every new interaction, means you’re able to serve customers quicker and build relationships faster.

Be Channel Agnostic

Your customers are on the go. No matter whether they are at work, on the train, at dinner or on their couch, you need to be available to them. Make sure that your customers are able to contact you on whatever channel they’re active on, and switch between those channels seamlessly and without losing context. When time is of the essence, your customers don’t want to have to start the conversation over again.

Communicate Seamlessly with Customers and Vendors

Marketplaces may have a particularly difficult time handling seasonal rushes. Let’s say a customer is ordering a bottle of champagne to be delivered to their partner when they get home from work. To ensure a seamless process, marketplaces will have to use a system that can enable communication with customers and vendors simultaneously to solve any issues. Traditional customer service solutions force agents to switch between multiple platforms and screens, instead of connecting conversations between customers and vendors in a single view.

Your brand doesn’t want to be the reason for a break-up. Prepare properly and deliver exceptional support, and you and your customers will live happily ever after.

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14 Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day

As enjoyable to get as they are to give

V Day isn’t far off, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re getting your special someone — or, hey, what’s a better excuse to treat yourself?

At Kustomer, we’re all about amazing experiences, so here are some suggestions for great presents you’ll enjoy getting just as much as you will giving:

1: Fab Fit Fun

A subscription box that contains full-size beauty, fitness, and fashion products, it’s a perfect choice for a Valentine that wants to feel good and look great (and who doesn’t?).

2. Glossier

Ultra hip beauty brand Glossier has a slate of must-buy products that make perfect gifts. Their Balm Dotcom skin salve and Glossier You perfume are easy choices for anyone in your life who loves looking (and smelling) their best.

3. Parachute Home

“If you love someone, let them sleep” says Parachute’s homepage, and their high-quality bedding and textiles are sure to help you get 40 winks and more. If new sheets aren’t quite romantic enough, then their bathrobes, slippers, and candles will all make for an extra cozy Valentine’s.

4. Urban Stems

Who doesn’t love flowers? Urban Stems makes it easy to send fresh, seasonally appropriate arrangements all over the country.

5. Cuyana

Cuyana is all about the essentials, so what’s better than a gift that someone can use every day? Their leather bags, accessories, and sustainable clothing are all sure to become mainstays for your Valentine.

6. Modern Relik

Modern Relik is an interior design-driven furniture brand creating amazing pieces that bridge timeless elegance and modern sensibility. Their Valentine’s Day Collection includes pink tassel napkins, a jeweled heart box, and crystal napkin rings.

7. Outdoor Voices

For the sporty couple, Outdoor Voices has inspired activewear to get you from cuddling on the couch to embracing the outdoors. Stretchy warmup leggings for her, breezy shorts for him.

8. Hawthorne

For the man who would a appreciate a signature scent, Hawthorne lets buyers take a quick quiz to pick a pair of designer colognes that fit their taste, style, and body chemistry. Finally, a way to help the men in your life smell great without wandering around the perfume aisle until your eyes water.

9. Birchbox

For the beauty brand lover who likes variety, Birchbox is the perfect way to try all sorts of skincare and makeup products before you buy. Now offering a box for men, as well as women!

10. Adore Me

It’s not easy shopping for lingerie, but Adore Me cuts out the stress by creating a wide range of fits and sizes so that everyone can find the perfect piece. Finally, a lingerie brand that knows that looking good shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

11. Bluefly

Designer style has never been more attainable, but Bluefly puts it just a few clicks away. Outfit your Valentine with clothes, shoes, and bags from Prada, Balenciaga, Ferragamo and more with discounts of up to 80% off.

12. Scentbird

Perfume and cologne can be a big commitment, especially as a gift — one large bottle could last over a year! Take out the pressure of picking the perfect scent by giving a subscription to Scentbird instead. The service lets you pick a different bottle each month that you can store in a refillable case, so your Valentine never has to commit.

13. Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s beauty line is making major waves by offering a more diverse palette for every skin tones, as well as just having great, high-quality products. Her Plush Matte Lipstick can be seen all over Instagram and the red carpet.

14. Feastly

If all else fails, take them to dinner—and with Feastly, you get a premium chef’s table experience that goes beyond the usual restaurant fare. Just browse the options near you, book, pay, and eat. Voila!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Kustomer — we love you as much as you love your customers (which is hopefully a lot).

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