Kustomer Tech Recap: New Report Export Capabilities, Updates to Chat Conversational Assistant

Kustomer’s product and engineering teams round out June with the release of new reporting capabilities, enhancements to chat and email channels, and more.

Introducing New and Improved Report Exporting

We’ve completely revamped our CSV report export functionality to provide users more control, flexibility, and transparency when creating and exporting reports for one-off analysis.
When exporting CSV reports in Kustomer, users can:

  • Save your past reports to make it easy to quickly update and export reports in the future.
  • View and manage your full report export library, including exports currently in progress, completed exports, and exports drafted, but not yet run.
  • Customize your reports by choosing the object attributes you’d like to include and arrange them by dragging and dropping them in the order you wish them to appear.

See our Knowledge Base Article for more details.

  • Updated Chat Assistant to allow for unlimited picklist options to be viewed during a Chat conversation.
  • Made email reply-to/from alias list searchable to help manage and leverage a greater number of email aliases directly in the customer timeline.


  • Improved tracking and reporting of “total time spent” by agents, so admins can now track agent activity based on Kustomer default statuses (available, busy, unavailable, offline) and custom statuses they create.
  • The Kustomer platform now alerts users when they open more than one tab in their browser running Kustomer, in order to limit the potential performance issues that occur when multiple tabs with Kustomer are open at one time.
  • Added ability for admins to set and manage permissions around forwarding Kustomer conversation transcripts to outside email addresses.
  • Created company-based classification in the Kustomer timeline for B2B organizations, which links company details to customer, conversation, and custom object views so B2B users can more easily manage multiple companies in Kustomer and quickly view relevant company details at a glance.


Kustomer Tech Recap: Updates to Satisfaction, SLA capabilities, Queues & Routing, and more

Our engineering and product teams have been busy launching new features, improving integrations, and making your top requests a reality. Here are the highlights of what we’ve added to Kustomer over the past few weeks:

Satisfaction Updates:
  • Released standard reports for Satisfaction, available in the Reporting section of the platform.
  • Added ability to send Satisfaction surveys at the completion of conversations across every channel, with surveys defaulting to the last channel used to complete the conversation.


  • Refined SLA calculations to exclude time outside business hours when team is not expected to be available.
  • Streamlined the status of merged conversations to reflect the current status of the most recent conversation by default. For example, if an open email conversation is merged with a previous chat conversation marked as done, the new merged conversation will remain open.
  • Added the new User Toolbar to Team Pulse, which shows, in real time, each agent’s capacity to be routed additional conversations..
  • Optimized search functionality to recognize all parts of an email domain when entered as search criteria.
  • Added ability to store column width settings when defining default columns in Search to ensure an optimal view of the data in each column.
  • Added ability for users to configure by channel the Send Action buttons displayed in conversations.
  • Improved overall UX of Audit Logs to provide optimal display of data and eliminate the need for horizontal scrolling when viewing key details.
  • Optimized the reply functionality in Volume Control to default to a customer’s preferred channel of response.
  • Added ability for agents to modify a customer’s default language directly from the conversation insights panel.
  • Collapsed the default shortcut list view by category to make finding the appropriate shortcut easier during a conversation.
  • Added option to clear all recently viewed customers from the Recently Viewed panel.


  • Optimized Gmail integration so all replies to a single email create one connected, threaded conversation.


Mobile SDKs:
  • Latest iOS SDK Release: Version 0.2.2.
  • Latest Android SDK Release: Version 0.2.4.


Kustomer Tech Recap: Satisfaction Feature Release, Amazon Connect and Segment Integration Enhancements

Our engineering and product teams have been busy launching new features, improving integrations, and making your top requests a reality. Here are the highlights of what we’ve added to Kustomer over the past few weeks:

Feature Releases:
  • Satisfaction: Measure, track, and manage customer satisfaction or customer effort across all channels using our native new, flexible survey solution in Kustomer.


  • Enhanced Amazon Connect integration to add callback support. Users will now see incoming calls labeled as “Callbacks” so they’re aware a customer still needs to be connected. When a callback is initiate, the conversation will be created with a “callback” subject, and assigned to the agent automatically.
  • Optimized data integration between Kustomer and Segment, enabling organizations to instantly send any customer data from Segment to Kustomer in real-time.


  • Enabled search editors to set and save default results columns to be used across the organization
  • Updated “Reopen” logic for Queues And Routing where a User’s status will be used to determine if a conversation should be unassigned and re-queued.
  • Added data stream and API reporting functionality to disclose total time spent in custom statuses.
  • Enhanced webhooks capabilities to convert XML payloads to JSON, which grants the ability for XML payload data to be used in creating workflow triggers.
  • Consolidated the design of conversation events to display into a grouped, collapsable row, improving agent conversation UX.
  • Made it easier to see which teams and users have access to non-public searches via the Search Settings page.
  • Added ability to export Conversation Viewed data to report on each time a user views a conversation, including start and end timestamps.
  • Added Queue attribute as an option when exporting Conversation data.
  • Expanded audit log timestamps to specify down to the seconds.
  • Added pagination to workflows list when the total number for an organization exceeds 100.
  • Simplified assignment drop down menus when creating business rules by removing deactivated teams and users.


  • Added ability to send emails via Gmail integration with attachments larger than 5MB
  • Reduced the time a customer can be unavailable in chat before an agent’s chat response will be automatically sent to both the customer’s chat window and their email.
  • Added ability to toggle Typing Indicators on or off for agents and customers in chat.


Mobile SDKs:
  • Latest iOS SDK Release: Version 0.2.1. Recent updates include support for Typing Indicators and Satisfaction capabilities.
  • Latest Android SDK Release: Version 0.2.3. Recent updates include support for Typing Indicators and Satisfaction capabilities.


Kustomer Tech Recap: Enhancements to Queues and Routing, Workflows, and More

Our engineering and product teams have been busy launching new features, improving integrations, and making your top requests a reality. Here are the highlights of what we’ve added to Kustomer over the past few weeks:

  • Restylized the Queues and Routing user toolbar to better fit the platform.
  • Ensured that when Queues and Routing is active, unassigned snoozed conversations will not be routed until the snoozed status has elapsed.
  • Added ability for workflows to use SLA breaches as triggers, providing immediate and automated escalation.
  • Added ability to deactivate and reactivate Shortcuts.
  • Enhanced business rules capabilities to recognize a search that contains parts of an organization’s email domain.
  • Updated the look and feel of our Login page.
  • Added ability to adjust the relative heights of the agent’s Inbox and Recently Viewed Items in the left-hand side panel.
  • Ensured proper sync of conversation count between individual customer and company timelines.
  • Improved support for default language variants (e.g., US English and UK English or Standard French and Canadian French).
  • Added ability to quickly clear date fields on the insights panel by X’ing them out.
  • Created new type-to-filter ability when selecting the default language in Conversation settings.
  • Improved agent icon display in search results.
  • Made it easier for users to merge customer records by surfacing suggestions based on existing customer information.
  • Improved support of chat for Internet Explorer 11
  • Streamlined chat assistant prompts to render and display as part of the regular flow of messages within the Conversation view.


Doug Jarvis is the Director of Product Marketing at Kustomer.

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