Can You Deliver a Truly Personal Experience Online?


Can buying something online feel as personal as shopping in person? As a growing number of brands are selling to the majority of their customers online, this question becomes more pressing. You might think there are insurmountable limitations to the online experience—you can’t touch, feel, and try on anything at your laptop. However, innovative digital-first brands are finding ways to bridge this gap—and finding real success in the process.

One of those brands is TrueFacet, the leading luxury online marketplace for acquiring and consigning fine jewelry and timepieces. We had the opportunity to sit down with Kenneth Tucci, VP of Operations / Concierge and Nick Osborn, Director of Growth at TrueFacet to discuss their high-touch, omnichannel customer experience on our latest webinar.

TrueFacet is the modern alternative to buying and selling jewelry and watches. Both buyers and sellers get a valuable online experience, with every item authenticated, appraised, and priced accordingly before it’s listed. TrueFacet sets themselves apart by delivering a brand experience that adheres to three strong pillars: selection, authenticity, and price.

Their focus on authenticity is a major differentiator for the space. All vendors are thoroughly vetted to make sure they uphold the highest level of integrity and to ensure product availability. This is especially crucial in TrueFacet’s space—In 2014 alone, the total value of seized counterfeit watches and jewelry by the U.S. government was $375.4 million. Ensuring authenticity means building trust with your customers, and by drawing on a diverse team of experts that hail from some of the most coveted jewelers in the industry to provide multi-point inspections, TrueFacet can assure customers that every item that leaves their facility is authentic and as advertised.

However, no matter how much you can guarantee the authenticity of your products, there are still elements that are going to be missing from an online experience versus a brick and mortar one. You can’t feel the difference in weight between a platinum, gold, and steel watch, or see the minute details of its inner workings with your own eyes. You can’t try on a piece of jewelry with an outfit and experience that “have to have it” moment when they match perfectly. TrueFacet goes to great lengths to substitute elements of their experience that make up for this. They use high-quality photos and videos, size-fit guides, and a generous return policy to make buying intuitive. However, it’s really the Concierge team that serves as the X-factor in their experience. Their work raises it from comparable to shopping at a boutique, to an experience that’s a cut above.

“Our Concierge team is there to educate our customer, provide guidance, and help them find what they want,” says Tucci, “ If customers can’t find something on our site, then our team will go to any lengths to track it down. This really helps us win customers for life.” Their agents are highly knowledgeable, but also bring more to the table: Passion. Their passion for TrueFacet’s products really shines through, allowing them to connect with customers who are equally as excited and knowledgeable. Beyond just being knowledgeable about the industry, the Concierge team knows everything about their customer’s purchase history and past interactions, meaning they have more contextual information than even an associate at a local boutique and their regular customer.

TrueFacet delivers the same high-quality experience no matter what their customers are buying. However, customers who regularly buy a large amount of product are treated to a VIP experience, where a TrueFacet Concierge forms a 1:1 relationship with them, offering additional communication options such as SMS messaging. This helps create an even stronger bond, creating customers for life.

This level of service is possible in part because Concierges can move from channel to channel just as easily as their customers, following them from phone to email, chat, and text with ease—and Kustomer helps empower agents to do just that. To deliver an experience that’s as high-touch as shopping in person, there can’t be any gaps in communication.

TrueFacet presents an exciting example of the future of customer experience—not just for a luxury market, but for everyone. True omnichannel understanding paired with passionate and informed agents and a robust digital experience can do more than make up for physical retail space.


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