5 Must-See Sessions on Customer Experience at Shoptalk

Shoptalk is coming this Sunday, but considering the event spans six tracks and four days, you probably haven’t figured out exactly which sessions you’re going to sit-in on. Allow us to give you a hand! Out of the many excellent options, we’ve picked five that promise to offer a unique perspective on the customer experience, featuring exciting new brands that are shaking up the space.

Monday, March 19th 9:00 to 9:40 AM – The Next Generation of Direct-to-Consumer Startups: Part 1

Shoptalk’s first full day starts with a bang. Featuring four emerging direct-to-consumer startups, each will highlight the unique aspects of their products, model, and approach. Kustomer client Cuyana is going to focus on their “fewer, better” approach to the direct-to-consumer experience. Their bags, apparel, and accessories are designed from the ground up to be of the highest quality and totally sustainable. By incentivizing their customers to donate their older clothes and replace them with longer-lasting premium items, they’ve created a virtuous cycle of conscious shopping and socially responsible donations.

Zak Normandin, Co-Founder & CEO, Dirty Lemon Beverages

Zahir Dossa, Founder & CEO, Function of Beauty

Karla Gallardo, Founder & CEO, Cuyana

Pradeep Elankumaran, Co-Founder & CEO, Farmstead

Krystina Gustafson, Content Director, Shoptalk (Moderator)


Monday, March 19th 4:30 – 5:10 Rise of the Niche Brands

The advent of digital channels makes it easier than ever for customer to find the highly specific products that meet their needs. It’s also made it easier for those specific products to find their way to customers. The panel features three of these non-traditional retail startups, but we’re most-excited to hear from Allbirds, the eco-friendly wool sneakers and shoes that are often sported around the Kustomer office. The fact that this New Zealand-based startup only works with wool providers who meet strict sustainability and animal welfare standards is a huge part of their experience, and one we’d like to see more often.

Joey Zwillinger, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Allbirds

Paul Berberian, CEO, Sphero

Alexandre Douzet, Co-Founder & CEO, Ollie (Ollie Pets Inc)

Eric Liaw, General Partner, IVP (Moderator)


Tuesday, March 20th – 10:30 AM Keynote with Emily Weiss, Founder and CEO, Glossier

Our client Glossier’s success story is one of the most exciting developments in beauty and DTC retail over the last decade. Their continued success with new products and partnerships is the envy of pretty much every retailer out there. Plus their customer experience and service is an industry best. Like everyone else, we’re hoping that listening to this keynote will let us in on their secret.


Tuesday, March 20th 5:15 – 5:55 Track Keynote: Cutting-Edge Logistics and Delivery Innovation

Robots, drones, and new on-demand technologies are bringing a rising number of packages to our doorsteps each day. This session promises to share how innovative brands are leveraging cutting-edge logistics models and delivery methods improve the customer experience.

Foremost among them is our client August Home, a leading smart lock maker whose products allow consumers to control keyless entry into their homes. Working with last-mile logistics provider Deliv, the pair is pioneering in-home delivery with Walmart. This will enable drivers to place orders directly in the homes of shoppers. It’s a huge next step for CX for delivery, and one we’ll likely be seeing more of soon.

Jason Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, August Home

Daphne Carmeli, Founder & CEO, Deliv

Carl Hazeley, Head of Content, Shoptalk Europe, Shoptalk (Moderator)


Wednesday, March 21st 11:50 – 12:30 PM – Culture and Leadership

This session offers an interactive look at how brands and retailers of all sizes foster a culture of innovation. Empowering employees helps creating an environment where they can succeed, and so can the company as a whole. 3D home design startup Modsy’s founder, Shanna Tellerman, started the company fresh out of school with zero management experience. Find out what she’s learned about culture and leadership after founding and building two successful companies and serving as a venture capital investor at Google Ventures.

Nadia Boujarwah, Co-Founder & CEO, Dia&Co

Dave Finnegan, Customer Experience Officer, The Orvis Company

Shanna Tellerman, Founder & CEO, Modsy

Lauren Freedman, SVP Digital Strategy & Chief Merchant, Astound Commerce (Moderator)

Let us know which sessions you’ll be attending by tweeting @Kustomer, and don’t hesitate to set up a meeting if you’re going to be in Vegas!

Six Essential Sessions on Customer Experience at eTail West

Our top picks for the CX obsessed to check out in Palm Springs.

We’re now just two weeks away from kicking off eTail West in Palm Springs! With so many ways to spend your time, Kustomer wants to suggest a few panels that you shouldn’t miss when it comes to customer experience. Take a look:

1. Tuesday, February 27 — Panel Remix: Tracking Your Customers: The Jump From Online To Offline featuring: Bonobos, Sugarfina, Walgreens

Understanding the customer journey is crucial to growing your business in today’s (over)connected world. This mix of D2C and retail brands are well-placed to deliver a first class primer on retail success.

2. Tuesday, February 27 — Panel Remix: Going Beyond Omnichannel, Moving Towards A One Customer, Unified Commerce Mentality featuring: Chico’s, Benefit Cosmetics, Bombas

Omnichannel is hard enough to achieve, but to capture real success in the market, you need to do even better. Getting a single view of the customer is key, and this talk will help inspire you to bust down the walls between channels and take a universal approach.

3. Wednesday, February 28 — Keynote Panel: Footprinting Retail Experiences Of The Future featuring: The RealReal, Shinola, Zappos

What will the future hold for retail? It’s a question on all of our minds, but this lineup is well-positioned to actually give an answer. Diving into current and experimental experiences, this is a forward-looking glimpse at the future of turning interactions into transactions.

4. Wednesday, February 28 — User Experience Optimization at Modcloth

This fireside chat is a great chance to learn firsthand how a modern, D2C company is outpacing the competition by improving user experience and driving mobile conversion. Want to increase your customers’ speed to purchase and give them a satisfying experience? Who doesn’t!

5. Wednesday, February 28 — Building Your Online Community And Keeping Them Loyal featuring: Chubbies

Get your seats early for this one — if you’ve never heard the bombastic CEO of beloved shorts and swim trunks brand Chubbies, you’re in for a treat. Learn how one of our customers turns ordinary shoppers into fans, advocates, and influencers with their incredible experiences and compelling brand story.

6. Thursday, February 1 — Keynote Disruption Panel Remix: Start-Ups: Started From The Bottom (Now They’re Here) featuring: Parachute Home, Cuyana, Farmstead

Making a mark on the competitive ecommerce landscape is hard, but these brands make it look easy. Check out this exciting conversation between fast-growing startups that redefine the meaning of hustle. We’ll be listening extra closely what D2C women’s premium fashion and accessories company Cuyana (one of our customers) has to say, and their inspiring story of delivering better basics while giving back.

We’re looking forward to a great week of conversation and connections! Kustomer will be hosting lunches, dinner, and events all week.

To set up a meeting at eTail, contact us here.

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