How Kustomer’s Latest Platform Features Increase Agent Efficiency Through Streamlined Customer Data

For every CX organization, the ability to effortlessly collect, organize, and analyze customer data is foundational to success. As a customer service CRM, Kustomer has always understood the importance of data. Whether it’s easily ingesting information into a customer timeline, delivering instant resolution through self-service, or helping an agent understand a recent customer conversation, Kustomer uses data to make magic happen and save your business countless hours.

That is why our product team is always working on new ways to leverage data to support your needs. Today, I’m excited to introduce three new features — conditionally required attributes, customer picker and user picker — that, when combined, help you not only streamline data but also get more value from the Kustomer platform. After all, no feature is an island; the real power of the platform is unlocked when features are used together.

Let’s begin by exploring each feature and how they can work together to paint a more complete picture of your customers.

Customer and User Pickers

Put simply, user picker and customer picker attributes track relationships. They help you ensure that agents have the full range of information needed to best service customers and identify the right team member for additional support.

For instance, let’s say you want to track which customers refer new accounts to your business. To do so, you could create a customer picker attribute for Referral Customer on the Company object.

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Similarly, if you want to track which person on your team is the Purchasing Manager for a particular type of order, you could create a user picker attribute for Purchasing Manager on the Order object. Or, if you want to track the main point of contact for clients, you could create a user picker attribute for Customer Success Manager on the Customer object. As you can imagine, the range of relationships you can track using customer and user pickers are endless.

Conditionally Required Attributes

While customer and user pickers let you capture more data within the Kustomer platform, conditionally required attributes let you simplify the agent view and display certain attributes only when they’re needed. A typical example is only displaying a State attribute if a Country attribute is set to United States.

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By requiring that the attribute value be set before a conversation closes, Conditionally Required Attributes promote data consistency. For instance, let’s say that for any product issue that is reported, you want to know which stock-keeping unit (SKU) had that issue. You could display the Product SKU value and require its value to be set before a conversation closes only if a Product Issue attribute value is set. As a result, agents will have greater insight into the customer’s product issue, so agents can tailor support accordingly. You’ll also be able to identify trends across product issues and escalate matters to other departments more efficiently.

How These Features Work Together

When used together, the customer and user picker attributes and conditionally required attributes can help you streamline your agent workflow and uncover new insights. For instance, let’s say you run an e-commerce website that sells computer parts and you want to assign a specialized agent to any customer who is reaching out with a technical issue.

First, you will need a Contact Reason attribute to track why a customer is reaching out. Multi-level list attributes are great for these:

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Next, you’ll need to create a Technical Agent attribute with a user picker:

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Once these attributes are created and added to the Insights Panel Details, you can configure your conditionally required attributes! For this use case, you’ll want to conditionally display Technical Agent when Contact Reason is set as Technical Issue. You’ll also want to make Technical Agent required, ensuring that every conversation with a technical issue has been given a technical agent before it is closed.

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These simple changes help you optimize your workflow and promote good data hygiene among agents. But there are so many more opportunities for insights and automations that lay ahead.

Leverage the Rest of the Kustomer Platform to Amplify Benefits

Since each conversation with a technical issue has been given a technical agent, you can easily report on, or create automations based on, these attributes. For instance, you can create a Custom Report comparing conversations with a technical agent assigned and those without. Or, you can create a Business Rule that automatically assigns conversations that require a technical agent to a different queue.

The important thing to understand is that data-driven features like attribute types or conditionally required attributes are at the foundation of the Kustomer platform, with additional features built on top of this foundation. Being thoughtful and thorough in your configuration of Klasses and Kviews and combining platform features such as the ones we covered today are some of the best ways to get the most out of the Kustomer platform.


CX Stories From the Frontlines: Increasing First Response Time by 400% With the Kustomer Platform

CX Stories From the Frontlines: Increasing First Response Rate by 400% With the Kustomer Platform TW

We’re back again with some fresh CX stories from the frontlines. In case you missed it, check out our previous issue on the blog, recounting real life anecdotes on how businesses have solved their customer service challenges with the help of Kustomer.

In this month’s edition, we discuss how a financial services company is improving agent efficiency, the power of data for a marketplace, and why intelligent routing is helping a subscription service deliver first-class service to VIPs.

Financial Services Company Gives Agents the Tools They Need to Succeed

A financial services company focused on making the cumbersome home loan application process as seamless as possible, had a problem. As is expected, the loan application process involves massive amounts of regulatory paperwork that simply cannot disappear, but they needed a way for agents to surface that paperwork and find customer information quickly.

The team leveraged Shortcuts Attachments to quickly surface things like detailed mortgage policy documents, shaving off a few seconds of agent handle time. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, this time adds up and ultimately defines staffing needs and impacts the overall customer experience. Additionally, the team is establishing new operational flows for their agents through Conditionally Required Attributes (CRAs). The loan process requires a litany of forms and stages to be completed, which often lead to additional forms. CRAs allow them to more cleanly track a customer’s stage in the loan process checklist during a key handoff period between agents.

Lastly, Timeline Pinning is proving to be a game changer for the business’ customer service agents. Now the agents are able to keep critical client and loan stage information right in front of the agent, eliminating the need to dig through old notes and documents. All of these developments are allowing the business to pull other teams in the Kustomer Platform and focus on streamlining their internal systems in a single hub.

Understanding Shipping Shortfalls Through Reason Codes

The amount of data that customer service organizations gather is a gamechanger. This information doesn’t simply impact the customer service organization, it can impact all aspects of a business, from the web experience and product development, to logistics and transportation. An international marketplace understood the impact of this data, and leveraged Kustomer to gather insights that could improve their bottom line.

The business is taking data gathered within the Kustomer platform, and both searching and filtering on particular data points to see where they are experiencing problems in different parts of the organization, with the ultimate goal of implementing process improvements. Specifically, they are currently using Reason Codes to pull reports for shipping operations, to show where they are missing the mark and working towards changing the process.

Monthly Subscription Service Supports VIP Customers at Lightning Speed

CX Stories From the Frontlines: Increasing First Response Rate by 400% With the Kustomer Platform Inline

According to recent Kustomer research, 83% of consumers believe that they should be treated better for being a loyal customer. A leading subscription service realized this, and leveraged the Kustomer Platform in order to deliver on that promise. The team tapped into the power of intelligent routing in order to jump VIP customers up to the top of the queue, and the impact has been tremendous. Their first response time for VIPs is now about 400% faster, all without having to set up an additional queue & routing team. Now that’s first-class treatment.

We want to hear from you! Let us know if you’re tackling CX problems in an interesting way and we will feature you in the next CX Stories From the Frontlines.


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