Meet the Krew: Cameron Ackbury

Why I joined Kustomer

The date was Thursday January 24, 2019 that TechCrunch alerted me to the article: Kustomer nabs $35M to take on Zendesk and Salesforce with its Slack like approach to CRM. The Series C, led by Battery Ventures, with Redpoint Ventures, Canaan Partners, Boldstart Ventures, Social Leverage (Howard Lindzon’s fund) and Cisco Investments also participating, comes just seven months after the company raised a Series B of $26 million. This article caught my eye because of the gravitas of investors and the investment amount.

As a 15-year industry SaaS software veteran, having grown the likes of NetSuite and Mindjet from nothing to over $100M, I am intimately familiar with companies that raise significant amounts of money, but never quite find their footing in the marketplace. Co-Founders Brad Birnbaum and Jeremy Suriel have a vision that an omnichannel, single customer view — where customers’ histories and live questions exist together to provide agents the full picture to deal with the customer more efficiently — is more valuable for a company than a Zendesk or a Salesforce. I had to learn more about Kustomer.

The commitment that I made to myself early on in my career was that I would only work for a company in which I would invest my time and possibly my money. That company would have to be unique, different, defensible and desirable. In this case, Kustomer was the only company in the market that had an omnichannel, single timeline to engage with customers. They were different from Zendesk and Salesforce in that Kustomer is a workflow enabled application that encompasses all customer related systems into one application. They are defensible in that they have a four-year head start in the market and a well-funded war chest. They are desirable by customers because, well, customers love Kustomer. I needed to meet the team.

My background is the intersection of SaaS software and business technologies. I reached out to Vikas Bhambri, SVP of Sales and CX and asked for a meeting. Interestingly, he responded to me within a few hours. Within a day or so, I was put into the hiring queue. The initial conversations were intellectually stimulating, reflecting a culture to hire the best, while making the experience as pleasant as possible. Within a few weeks, I had met with the sales leadership and executive teams and was sold on the vision. I had to work at Kustomer.

Of course, the team wouldn’t make their decision on hiring me until the following Monday, so I had a long weekend thinking about Kustomer. The customer list was vast and their stories were filled with benefits like “improving visibility by 100% across channels”, “increasing customer satisfaction” and “40% improvement in response time.” These value propositions are music to my ears.

That Monday came quickly and I was happy to learn I was the new Head of the West. Thinking about the gravitas of the investors, the company stability, the culture and the product, I knew that I made the right decision. I am now a happy member of the Krew at Kustomer.

What Is It Like to Work on the Kustomer BDR Team?

If you’re interested in joining the Kustomer team, check out our Careers Page.

What is it actually like to work at Kustomer? We’re going to help answer this question in a series of interviews with folks from every department here to tell you about their unique experience here, and how it applies to anyone looking to join our team.

First up is Jared Accettura, Team Lead, Customer Experience Consultants at Kustomer, here to tell us what it’s really like to work as an Account Executive or Business Development Representative at our fast-growing startup.

Q: How does Kustomer approach selling our product?

JA: The Kustomer product is a powerful one, and makes a real difference for our clients every single day. It’s also constantly evolving. Because of that, it’s key for our BDRs to be experts in the platform and speak to its capabilities, as well as how our current clients are using it. BDRs use that expertise to act as consultants, opening the door for CX projects in the discovery phase of a sales cycle.

Q: What is unique about the culture of our Sales / BDR team?

JA: The collaboration that exists across the Sales organization is huge. Working in close tandem on everything, from prospecting to messaging to onsite meetings, Account Executives and BDRs learn from one another, provide support, and develop new strategies for success. It’s truly a unique partnership that pays dividends for individual growth and the business overall.

Q: If you had to describe the Sales / BDR Team in one word, what would it be?

JA: Community. The CX community is a tight-knit one in general, and every member of the Sales organization is deeply entrenched in it. With so many members of the sales organization active in the space, it’s made our team feel like a true community that supports one another and pushes our team to be better.

Q: Where else have members of the Kustomer Sales / BDR team worked?

JA: Members of the Sales team have worked at a spectrum of SaaS and software companies. That includes small startups, large multinational companies, and everything in between—and not just in the customer support space!

Q: What kinds of things do Sales / BDR get up to as a team outside of work?

JA: The Sales / BDR teams get together outside of work often. Group activities like Mets games or volunteering at a soup kitchen or even axe-throwing in Brooklyn (look it up) are happening on a weekly basis. It provides a great way to bond as a team, relax, and have fun with coworkers who become not only friends, but family.

Q: What are some of the benefits of working at Kustomer?

JA: The benefits of working at Kustomer aren’t just the highly attractive pieces like healthcare options, partial phone bill payments, and more. They also include the benefits that go along with the amazing potential of working with great teammates, who are all focused on turning Kustomer into a true industry disruptor. The sky’s the limit, and it’s truly valuable and inspiring to work around so many people who are committed to the same vision.


If all of this sounds makes you think, “Wow, Kustomer sounds like the kind of place I want to work,” then we have some good news. We’re growing fast, and are hiring for a BDR role as well as Sales roles across the country RIGHT NOW! If you’re interested in joining our BDR team, apply directly here.

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