A Customer Service CRM Platform Built for Today

Kustomer isn’t a ticketing system. It’s a customer service CRM platform for managing high support volume effortlessly.

Don’t settle for ordinary customer service in extraordinary times.

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Tackle the Hard Questions,
Let AI Do the Rest

AI and process automation are baked into our CRM capabilities, eliminating menial work that wastes time, like contextualizing conversations and sending simple responses automatically, so your team can focus their energy on those that need them most.

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“Kustomer IQ has had a tremendous impact on my team’s efficiency. Machine learning instantly identifies the purpose of every inbound conversation, then intelligently routes each customer to a specific team based on their contact reason, such as orders, returns, or clean out. Rather than spend time manually routing conversations, my team can focus on delivering personalized service and resolving issues quickly to decrease customer effort.”

Emily Marcogliese, Head of Customer Support, thredUP

Maintain Impeccable Customer Service Remotely

Don’t stress about managing your team remotely; you can provide support from anywhere in the world with Kustomer. Customers are automatically routed to the most appropriate resource, and supervisors can easily monitor and intervene in live conversations.

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Effortless, Omnichannel Communication That Your Customers Demand

Give your customers the freedom and flexibility to reach out anywhere, anytime, on any channel. With contextualized views of every customer in one screen, your team can deliver efficient and personalized service without skipping a beat.

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“With the Kustomer timeline, our agents have all the information and context they need to make better and faster decisions—all in one place.”

Sergi Mendez, Global Head of Live Operations, Glovo

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